About The Pampered Bird

I grew up a pampered California girl. Now I’m married to a gun-wielding Texan lawyer (aka: Mr. San Antonio).  We live in a 1940's home with lots of “character”. We have a little girl named Claire who, every morning, insists on petting the deer head on the wall. Our real pet is our garden (unfortunately it does not bark at intruders). In 2012 I quit my paying job to stay home and take care of our family.

I’m always learning new things about being a wife and a mom. And that's what you'll read about on this blog – the good (here), the bad (here), and the ugly (here).

And I want to learn from you too! I’d love to hear from you any time – please leave comments or send me an email!

Life is so much better if we go through it together.

The Pampered Bird 

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