Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Highlights from April and May

I'm glad I have this place to "force" me to look back at pictures and remember some of the things we've been up to - because honestly I don't remember a lot of what we were doing when these pictures were taken!

Looking at the background - it appears as though we were getting breakfast ready when I snapped this picture of the girls loving each other!

I believe this was over spring break - cousins Charlie and Luke were in town and I believe they went with us to the zoo to see the new Giraffes. The girls always love climbing on the lion statue as soon as we enter the park.

Another day during our cousins' visit we went to a near by park and played and had a picnic. Auntie Sarah snapped this photo of me keeping Burrow from falling out a window!

Aaaaah. This is a good memory. The week of Easter I helped the girls make "Resurrection Rolls". You roll marshmallows in butter and cinnamon/sugar and then roll them up in crescent roll dough. The marshmallow is supposed to be Jesus... the sugar are the spices his body was treated with before his burial, and the dough is the tomb. You bake them and the idea is that when you bite into the roll it is hollow - because Jesus has risen!

Except this is how our turned out. Rufflebum told me Jesus melted. The funniest part was that I posted this photo on Facebook and a recruiter from the show "Worst Bakers in America" contacted me and said that she thought I'd be a perfect candidate to apply. We had a great laugh over that!

Here are the girls in their Easter dresses! My parents picked up these dresses last year on their trip to France. I can't remember why Rufflebum was so grumpy in this photo... but it cracks me up. The face Burrow is making is very typical.

My girls know their way around a cheese tray.

Aah. Here is my happy girl. All ready to hunt for eggs that Auntie Bri and Uncle Scott filled up with little goodies.

That face!

Sweet Rufflebum was helping Burrow find eggs.

This girl has my heart!

And so does this one!

Oh my word. One day the girls decided to sunbathe. I tried really hard to not laugh at their poses.

Then in April our city got hit by a horrible series of hail storms. Our house got pretty beat up... broken window in dining room. Broken windshield. Destroyed roof. Holes in the shed. And the list goes on. Thank goodness for insurance. And for a handy Mr. San Antonio who was able to fix some of the issues.

One day Rufflebum got a surprise present in the mail from Auntie Sarah. She was thrilled!

We also spent a couple weeks house/dog sitting for my parents. One day while I was cooking dinner Burrow came over to me to proudly show all the artwork she had done on herself.

It's a good thing she's so cute!

And this sums up the 6 weeks of rain we had around here. Two girls with a LOT of wiggles. And a poor sofa that became their playground!

Love, The Pampered Bird


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