Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life Lately!

Hello - It's been awhile! Life has been extra full lately (I've taken on some at-home work for my parents' company - working for my sister!), and when I've had a few minutes to myself this was simply not my priority. But I wanted to post a brief update on life the last month along with some pictures of what we've been up to.

The girls got a trampoline for their birthdays back in January... and every day they are on that thing getting their wiggles out...

This one loves to color!

Sometimes we send selfies to Mr. San Antonio when he is at work!

Winter/Spring in South Texas is amazing and we spend as much time as we can outside!

And when a storm rolls through we make forts and take turns rocking baby dolls to sleep...

When I'm cooking or putting away groceries or just generally in the kitchen for a chunk of time, Burrow loves to play with pom-poms. I usually give her a container of pom-poms, a muffin tin and a variety of spoons/scoopers and she has a blast (and it usually keeps her from crying at me to pick her up!). Win-win!

More jumping... ignore my socks! ;)

One day I realized that I was squeezing pore Burrow's feet into shoes that were two sizes too small... #secondchild - so we headed to the mall (my least favorite place!), got her some new shoes and treated ourselves to some cookies!

Then at the end of February we flew to Utah to spend the week with my parents and siblings - ski, sled, meet my brother's new girlfriend ;) and just generally enjoy being together!

This picture cracks me up... they look soooo unimpressed with snow! In truth - Rufflebum LOVED it, she enjoyed skiing, sledding, snow angels, the works. But poor Burrow just wanted to be back in South Texas where she can run around in just her diaper all year long!

Burrow does NOT want to be wearing boots, mittens, and sweaters...

But this one is so excited!! (The sticker on her sweater is from the TSA agent at the airport! ;)

 Love this picture of my sister teaching Rufflebum how to play ping-pong and my brother-in-law talking with Burrow - she LOVES her uncle!

And the best part of the trip for me was getting to ski with Mr. SA, my dad and my siblings! We grew up skiing, but now where we live we don't get to do it very often - so this trip was such a special treat!

Here is my sister and my dad:

Mr. SA! And shout-out to my husband... he is a much better/faster/more daring skier than I am and would have loved to take off down the mountain - but he graciously waited for me at various points on the way down so that I didn't get left behind. I love him and am so thankful for how he shows love to me!

One of my brothers and me (our other brother hadn't arrived yet on the day this picture was taken). And for some reason I look taller than him... but he's 4-5 inches taller than me, so I must have been up hill or something!

After ski-school Rufflebum got to watch "Frozen" in the lodge. I think this may have been her favorite part of the day! ;)

Oh... and there are no pictures of Burrow at the ski resort because after the major-meltdown she threw over having to wear boots (or shoes at all) while in the snow, we stuck her in day care for the day!

And here is a picture of us going up the hill on our sleds (they used a pulley system to get us up there) and then we got to sled down as a group - all holding on to each other's tubes. It was a blast!

To make up for Burrow's disdain of the snow... here are some pictures of her this past weekend when we were at the park (Rufflebum was riding her bike while Mr. SA ran - so I don't have any pictures of her!)

Aaaah - my little monkey!!

Oh. My. Word. I can't even stand her cuteness!

She is soooo excited to be riding the horsey!


Happy Spring from me to you! Have a wonderful week!
-The Pampered Bird


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