Thursday, December 22, 2016

Summer 2016 Photos

Here are some pictures from May/June 2016:

On a beautiful spring Saturday we took the girls to the Cibolo Nature Center to go for a hike. It was muddy, and cool, and filled with exploring. The girls had a blast and Mr. SA and I enjoyed the slow paced day where the girls could run around as much as they wanted!

This is Burrow's "I do what I want" face. To my exhaustion... she has perfected this look and attitude this year. #twoyearsold

 Rufflebum giving me a silly smile. She doesn't like to stop playing/climbing/running/exploring to take a picture. I don't really blame her.

 Love these three so much!

On National Donut Day I took the girls to an "open gym" time at a local gymnastics place... let them burn off energy in the air conditioning, then picked up some donuts. Unfortunately the place we stopped didn't have anywhere to sit so we sat in the parking lot in the heat. None of us finished our donuts... it was too hot out and we would have preferred ice cream. Oh well - I tried!

 This was a better way to spend a hot day...

And I have no memory of what was going on here... except she's being a goober. I do know she has since broken this bucket by standing on it and jumping off of it!

The following photos were all taken by Mr. SA during June and July. Those months were a blur for me this year because I was sick in bed with "morning sickness" that lasted 24/7. I vaguely remember some of these events and some of them I didn't attend at all. I am so thankful for all the ways he stepped in while I wasn't feeling well!

I believe this is from a neighbor's birthday party or maybe a 4th of July party? Regardless, Burrow obviously loved her cupcake!

I think this is when Mr. SA took Rufflebum to a church event and since it was out in the country he let her "drive" along the mile long "driveway" that was on the private property - she still talks about this and asks all the time when she can "drive" again!

For my birthday I wanted to get out of the house so we took the girls to see The Little Mermaid at a local musical theater. The girls loved it! I spent the whole time nibbling gold fish so I wouldn't throw up!

I think Mr. SA convinced the girls to help him "clean" the house - Burrow was so excited to wipe the table down!

We spent a lot of time at birthday parties over the summer - here are some photos at another neighbor's birthday party.

This friend had a karaoke birthday party! It was so cute! But again, I spent the party inside in the air conditioning trying to keep my stomach calm. Mr. SA held down the fort outside - watching the girls in the pool, getting them fed, and socializing with people he didn't know. He was such a huge support this summer!

And here is just a sweet picture of Burrow snuggled on the sofa. Mr. SA must have taken it one day, but I'm not sure why. Love this girl!

 And here they are doing a quiet activity with me one day. We hired a part time nanny for the summer while I was so sick to take the girls on fun outings around town - which gave me a chance to rest without feeling guilty for not entertaining the girls. And gave them more patience to do quiet activities when they were with me.

We were so thankful for the morning sickness and the good news that the pregnancy was going well! But boy was it a long summer for me in bed. I'm thankful for these few photos to remind me that it wasn't such a long time after all - that we got through it together - and that the girls weren't "ruined" by my inability to do as much with them or for them for a few months. God really did bless us during that season - with endurance, patience, and the provision of so many family and friends!

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