Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Review - Post 2

We helped host my nephew while my brother and sister in law went on an anniversary trip - and we had a blast! Rufflebum and Burrow love their cousins (they have three boy cousins!) and any time they get to play with them they are on cloud nine!
We started by meeting up with Jack and my parents at the Pearl to see the ducks, eat breakfast and get wiggles out! 
Um... note about the man in the middle... he's really wonderful. The season we're going through right now has been proving again and again what a treasure he is to me and our girls.

There was a lot of hand holding during the visit.

We took Jack to the botanical gardens to see the pumpkins! Rufflebum led the way through the paths as we searched for all the scarecrows on the list!

This picture. I love it. It's got chubby toddler legs and sweet little boy hands and big girl hairdos that she personally requested.

We also took him to kiddie park! It has airplanes and cars and boats and horses and all sorts of wonderful things for the kids to ride on!

I promise she had more fun than this!

The bun! I love that she makes hair requests every day. I'm currently perfecting the French braid on her fine, shoulder length hair... some days are better than others!

One of our favorite fall traditions is to go to Love Creek Orchard where they have a petting zoo, live music, hay rides, pumpkin painting and more!
Here are Mimi and Yaya with their three grandbabies!

This beautiful girl is growing up so much. She is definitely a leader. She knows her mind and articulates her thoughts, feelings, and wishes. She asks deep questions and really thinks about things. She loves imaginative play. She wants to be a princess when she grows up and also a mommy - in both cases she wants to wear purple glitter boots. She loves to serve others and tells the best stories.
Not our best family photo - but I'll take any picture with all four of us in the same shot! I am so so so thankful for my little family!

And this girl... she is a lover. Physical touch is still her love language - she gives the best hugs, pats, and kisses. She is compassionate and empathetic - she gets sad when she sees someone cry and will try to console them with a hug or a gift. She has an infectious laugh. She is brave and loves to do whatever big sister is doing. Her current game is to peek out at you from behind something and say "I see you!" 

Here they are at Halloween. Rufflebum tried desperately to put Burrow in a princess costume but Burrow would have none of it. I tricked her into wearing a ballerina outfit. But truthfully she would have been adorable wearing a brown bag.

My heart. I am so thankful that God knitted these two babies together and that I get to be their mom. And to be that man's wife is a true gift. Love them.
Alright, enough gushing! -The Pampered Bird

Review of Fall - Post 1

Well hello! My phone finally yelled at me that I had no more storage space which was the gentle reminder I needed to upload my photos onto my computer and update the blog with what we've been doing the last couple months.
Back in September we snuck in a final visit to The Blue Hole in Wimberley (which is one of our favorite summer swim spots). After swimming and picnicking we went into town for some ice cream. By the time we got back in the car the girls were passed out... so Mr. SA and I decided to drive through the hill country until we found a winery!
At the winery, once the girls woke up from their naps, we grabbed some chairs and the girls found a frog jumping on the chairs and they watched that frog for at least 30 minutes!

We snapped a rare couples-selfie! Ha!

Ooops, the car nap wasn't long enough!
 I surprised Rufflebum with a new princess dress. She has worn it every day since this photo was taken... which is over two months. The poor dress is in desperate need of some repairs. But she looks this happy every single time she puts it on. Love her!

In September we also made our second annual trip to Fort Davis for the Ft. Davis cyclefest! Mr. SA and a couple of friends from church rode the 75 mile route through the Ft. Davis mountains while the girls and I played at some parks and cheered them on from the sidelines.

I never think to take pictures of the girls during play dates - but these three sweeties posed and asked for their picture to be taken - which was a good reminder! We were playing at the sunken gardens!
Rufflebum is blinking in this photo but Burrow is having fun with her arms stretched out! One day my dad met us at the zoo which was a special treat for me and the girls! 
We've also played at the botanical gardens a lot this fall. The girls love running around and the gardens are always decorated for the season - so the girls loved finding the scarecrows and pumpkins! 

 Next post will be photos of our time with cousin Jack!
The Pampered Bird


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