Monday, April 13, 2015

Enchanted Rock

Our little family loves to get outside! We are always finding new places to hike and explore - and I love watching our girls gain confidence as they try hard things and accomplish them!

On Good Friday we took the girls to a place called Enchanted Rock. I carried Burrow on my back, and we forced encouraged Rufflebum to hike all by herself. She didn't think she could do it and asked to be carried several times - but we kept encouraging her and she ended up hiking all the way to the top by herself like a champ! She was so proud of herself and totally earned her chocolate ice cream at the end! :)

Before we started hiking, Rufflebum wanted us to take a picture of her with her new backpack. We didn't let her hike with it because we knew she'd get worn out too fast. But how cute is she!?!?!

Water break half way up "the rock": 

View down below, and of my passenger:

At the top we came across the church youth group that had carried three crosses up the mountain and were spending Good Friday worshiping our Risen Savior at the top of Enchanted Rock. It was a really special experience for us too!

Me with Rufflebum... and Burrow's head in the back! Ha!

And of course the one who did the least work during the hike was the one who fell asleep the fastest! Everyone who passed us as we hiked down started laughing at our passed out baby. :)

I love this little family and I love making special memories with them! What a joy!
The Hiking Bird

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Little Moments

We've had a lot of this...

And this...

Going on the last month or so. Teething babies, stomach bug getting babies, and vaccine receiving babies are all so sad. 

Fortunately there has been some of this too...

Mommy-Rufflebum date to the Magik Theater! 

Playing with some hand-me-down dolls!

Stopping for a treat at Starbucks after our "quick" walk around Target that ended with this... 

But I miraculously had a few minutes to let her keep sleeping before we needed to rush off to this...

And this month we even squeezed in some peep eating (gross!!! but she loved them!)...

And some egg coloring...

I know these sweet days of baby holding, and ballet watching, and doll playing won't last for long. So I'm so thankful for these precious little moments that I have with my girls! 

Next time I'll share some pictures of a recent family outing too! 
The Pampered Bird

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Hello Hello Hello!

I feel like I can breathe again... after having been held underwater for the past few weeks in a whirlpool of teething, and 3-year old tantrums, and the chaos that comes when you feel like you've jumped aboard the emotional roller coaster of hell. Can we ban hormones? Would anyone oppose that? I know my husband wouldn't mind.... ;)

Ok, truth be told we're still in the above storm - and there have been a lot of tears and pouting and angry stomping in our house but today.... today I'm choosing joy.

I'm tired of describing my days as "good" or "bad" when Mr. San Antonio comes home and asks me how things went.

There is "good" and "bad" in every day - and when I lump an entire day under one of those headings I find that I ignore (read: don't deal with) the other side. When I label it as "good" I find that I forget the hard things of the day and often those hard things just end up sitting in the corner gaining lint and fuzz until they pounce on me from behind with such force and surprise that I don't have my vaccuum of truth ready to deal with them and put them in their proper place.

Like wise, when I label days as "bad" I find that I forget all the beautiful little moments of the day and I become grumpy, hard hearted, thankless, and exhausted. I don't meet my girls with patience. I don't meet my husband with grace.

So... I've decided to stop labeling my entire days with those words. I might say a day was "hard" or a day was "easy" because yes some days are harder or easier than other days - but I want to look more objectively at the individual events of the day and deal with the things that need to be dealt with and rejoice in the things that need to be appreciated.

Whew. Thanks for listening to me process out loud.

Would you like to see some cute Easter pics now?

Oh. The peace that comes from knowing that "it is finished". The final consequences of sin and death no longer exist. Jesus paid our ransom. He took the consequences that all of us deserve. And he said "Love has won. Come rest in Me. Come worship Me. Come know Me. Come and be known by Me." I'm so thankful for Jesus. 

Happy Easter! He is Risen!
-The Pampered Bird


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