Friday, December 4, 2015

Life Lately

Today I just have some pictures of our life lately...
The weather has been perfect so the girls and I have spent a lot of time outside. Mr. San Antonio got me a hammock last mother's day and it instantly became a family favorite.

The cooler weather also makes we want to bake - like all the time! I've jumped back into making sandwich bread, rolls, muffins, pizza dough, etc. The girls are asking for cinnamon rolls so pretty soon I'm going to need to make that happen too. Rufflebum really likes helping me. She especially likes kneading the dough. :)

This picture makes my heart so happy. One night we had four little girls at our house - think jammies, sleeping bags, blankets, dolls, giggles, snuggles... it was the absolute best!  
Mr. San Antonio has been smoking meat lately (he smoked our turkey for Thanksgiving!) - and since I've been taking a boot camp class and have gotten so strong (ha!) he knew I was the right person to load up the minivan with wood. ;)  
Mr. SA got to perform with a band at a legal conference in town a couple weeks ago. (Sounds totally nerdy right!?!) The conference is very strict on who can attend the events, but I got to walk up and say, "I'm with the band" and got full access! Haha!
Of course he did an awesome job - and it was a rare moment for me to get to see him play guitar in front of people other than our girls!  
Here they are back in the hammock... yes Rufflebum is wearing the same shirt as above. That's because if the shirt is clean she changes into it at home after her rest time.

I love this picture of the girls. Rufflebum is telling me a story. Burrow is trying to climb up the way she saw her sister climb a few minutes before. You can't see it in the picture but the right side of Burrow's face is covered in scrapes and bruises because that girl falls, tumbles, trips, and rolls all the time as she tries to keep up with Rufflebum.

Next time I'll post pictures of our Christmas decorations!
Have a great weekend!
The Pampered Bird

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