Monday, August 10, 2015

Lazy Summer Post 3

Lazy Summer Post 3

Disclaimer: When I say "Lazy Summer Post" I don't mean we are having a lazy summer... I mean I'm being lazy about posting during the summer! I've been using the girls' rest time to actually rest myself! I've read lots of books this summer and taken quite a few naps - it's been so wonderful. We will be ready for our schedule to pick back up and have a routine again here in a few weeks. In the meantime I'm going to have several posts coming out in the next few days with lots of pictures and just a few words highlighting our summer adventures. Enjoy!

First of all... Rufflebum doesn't miss a thing. She came out from rest time one day with a panty liner (sorry male readers) taped to her chest... In a serious voice she told me she put it there to keep the milk from squirting in her baby's face. Ten points to me for keeping a straight face.

With the new children's museum so close... we've spent an embarrassing amount of time there... but the girls haven't gotten tired of it yet! And it's air conditioned! Again... 10 points to me.

Here Burrow is working the air traffic control center.

And Rufflebum is flying the plane...

(I need to interrupt the flow here... I'm currently listening to Rufflebum yell at "someone" (a doll? a stuffed animal? invisible friend?). She's yelling, "I'm going to give you a spanking for giving baby Jesus a hard shot!" She has named every baby doll and stuffed animal either "Alice" or "Jesus"... so it's hard to know exactly what's going on... but I'm guessing that the doll that has been swaddled for the last two months and has been carefully carted around and introduced to everyone as "Jesus" is probably who she is defending in there... but it could be the stuffed monkey too...
Anyway... here is Rufflebum dressed as a construction worker. And a fuzzy Burrow running behind her.

And here is Burrow playing in the dirt... because girl loves dirt.

One day Rufflebum brought out this baby... in her doctor's kit box. We overheard her telling a mysterious "someone" in her room that "If your mother kills you, Jesus will put you in a tomb."
I'm still looking for Bible references for her theology... but I'm pretty certain she just made that up.

Rufflebum loves to help around the house... cleaning, dusting, mopping, scrubbing potatoes, helping prepare dinner. She wants to help so much and so often that sometimes I get frustrated and just want some space to myself, or just want to be able to make dinner quickly and cleanly... It takes a LOT of I-don't-know-what for me to patiently, lovingly, keep her engaged and help her feel useful. I am grateful for her serving heart, and want to foster it but sometimes I also just want some space. Anyone have ideas for me!?

One day my mother-in-law watched the girls and I created some new art for their bedroom. I bought the middle piece below and painted the two side pieces. It was therapeutic and relaxing!

Burrow loves to copy her sister... and Rufflebum loves to "carry her baby in her pocket" (which means shoving a doll up her shirt and sticking the doll's head out the top - it's a mimic of how I have carried the girls in wraps/carriers). So one day I found Burrow frustrated and trying to get her doll in her shirt. As soon as I got her doll situated appropriately she calmed down and walked around with a smug look on her face.

Here is Rufflebum's current favorite outfit. She tells us at least 140 times a day that when she grows up she wants to be a princess, with princess earrings and have a purple castle covered in glitter. 

Alright, that's the end of my random update today. Soon I'll have photos up of the day we went peach picking and some other fun things!
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