Friday, March 20, 2015

March/April Goals

To begin.... I'll answer the question, "how did I do with my February goals?"

1. Continue doing "The Divine Mentor" - That was going great until the last couple weeks - I've only gotten to it a few days a week and it's rarely been at my preferred time (early morning), so I'd like to get back into that routine - not because I feel I "have to", but because I really miss it and want to get back into that habit.

2. Create a more structured day - I think this is going pretty well. Obviously spring "break" was all over the place and the girls were pretty worn down by the end, so that was a good reminder of how important a structured day is for my girls. We've pretty much gotten into a routine of being out and about all morning - coming home for lunch, naps, and then staying close to home the rest of the day (the neighborhood park is considered close to home because we can walk there). I've also branched out a little and come up with some creative activities to pass the afternoon time if it's going to slowly for us.

3. Read more to Burrow - this one is the goal I feel I met the best of all. In the past couple of months she has really started to take an interest in books and it's become much easier to read to her. She'll even flip through a book on her own now and point to the pictures.

4. Be intentional with my marriage - um... can I move this goal to next month? Why oh why does my husband always get the last of me? I give more energy, thought and consideration into perfectly loading the dishwasher (so there is no wasted space!!) - than I do to my kind and patient husband. Ugh. Ok. Well. These are goals for a reason (because I haven't perfected them yet!).


On to my March/April goals:

It's half way through March, so I'm just being realistic here and giving myself some extra time to meet these goals. 

1. Husband. Husband. Husband. Love him. Listen to him. Serve him. And think positive thoughts about him. 

2. Get back into my early morning routine of waking before the girls and spending some time in God's word so that my mindset and attitude are correctly focused for the day.

3. Celebrate Easter with my girls in a meaningful and memorable way. Easter is my absolute favorite day/celebration/feast/holiday of the year. Jesus rose from the grave! Death and sin have been conquered! God's redemption and renewal of our broken world officially began on that day. There is so much to celebrate. So much hope and joy embodied in that day - and yet our culture and our churches seem to gloss over it so quickly (with much less anticipation and excitement compared to Christmas). So I want to be intentional in our home about reflecting and commemorating this happy happy day!

4. Write more. I'm not talking about blogging specifically. I'm just talking about writing in general.. I've been reading a book about writing and the writing process and it's renewed in me so many of the feelings (love and hate) about the writing process that I possess. So, just like with anything you want to improve at - I want to practice writing more - even if (especially if) it's writing that no one else will ever see. 


Alright, that seems enough goals for now. :) I'll leave you with this:

Two of my favorite pictures of each of the girls at 8 months old. :) Can you tell who is who? 

The Pampered Bird

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