Thursday, November 6, 2014

November Week One

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I've been working on this lately. Partly because I want to be an example to my girls - be brave, do things I'm not comfortable doing, take risks, that sort of thing.

Partly I've been doing it to be obedient to God. He hasn't called me to be comfortable. He's called me to take risks for Him and live by faith.

This concept has taken a few forms this week.

1. It looked like a dance party in the living room wearing an outfit I let my toddler pick out for me - and mimicking dance moves my toddler made up.

2. It looked like doing a somersault and going down a really fast slide... things I haven't done in over 15 years. And were every bit as ungraceful as I imagined they would be.

3. It looked like choosing to pick up my toddler every time she asked me to hold her the past few days - because I knew she needed some extra attention. Even though it meant tasks were put on hold, to-do lists weren't completed, and my arms were sore.

4. It looked like sharing personal thoughts with friends - not all of whom took them the way I intended.


Some other things that have happened this past week:

This brave girl trick-or-treated for the first time. She never actually said "trick-or-treat"... but she did eventually let go of our hands and walk to a few doors by herself. I was so proud of her for doing something that is uncomfortable.

I took the girls for a quick walk through the zoo - and this little one LOVED the fish. It was the first time going that she actually seemed to care about seeing the animals. I love watching them take in their little worlds.

This week has been wonderfully rainy and cool and therefore the perfect weather to get some baking done. Two separate batches of rolls were made this week. I think only one or two remain...

And the thing that has taken up the most of my time/energy/thoughts/creativity is figuring out how to help this girl sleep. She had been doing great - and then a couple weeks ago she stopped falling asleep at nap time - but was obviously still exhausted (so I knew she wasn't ready to give naps up - that there was something else going on that I needed to address). 

This picture was post "failed-nap-time" - where she passed out in the car and then continued to sleep after I brought her inside. I think this is the first time that has ever happened for her.

As of yesterday things seem to be going much better - we've had two days in a row with successful naps and successful bed times. I'm not an expert - and I know that sleep with Rufflebum is going to be an ongoing battle - so I don't pretend to assume that what I've done the past couple days will forever fix things. But I just poured as much love, attention, and physical touch as I could on this sweet girl. Any time she asked me to hold her - I held her. And I was extra intentional about having some one on one play time with just her every day. 

I've also realized that she falls asleep best at night if I let her process her day out loud. 

I've always thought it was cute that she would talk to her dolls before falling asleep. But then one night last week she begged and begged me to stay in her room and talk to her. I thought she was stalling and so kept fighting her on it, but she got so hysterical that I went ahead and sat down next to her bed. She immediately relaxed and just started talking - telling me every little detail of her day - processing things that had happened - whether it was a time out she received, or a toy she played with, or an incident that occurred with a friend. And as I sat there getting this wonderful glimpse into her mind, she rolled over and fell asleep. I didn't have to do anything but listen.

So now, I'm trying to incorporate this processing time into her bedtime routine. Giving her the chance to work through her day out loud so that her mind can rest and she can sleep. 

I'm also praising the Lord for this insight into my little girl. My mind doesn't work that way and so it never would have occurred to me to try this as a solution to her sleep issues. But God created her, and knows exactly how she is knit together. I'm so thankful that he knows what she needs and reveals things to me when I need them to be a better mom. 

All that to say. It's been a full week. Some of it has been uncomfortable. But I'm comfortable with that.
-The Pampered Bird


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