Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Recap

October Recap:

My sister got married (everything about the day was beautiful!) and Rufflebum was the cutest flower girl ever. And Burrow was the cutest honorary flower girl ever. :)

My parents then left on a much needed vacation and we house/dog sat for awhile. During that time I decided that having a dog is really great because it significantly reduces the number of times you have to sweep/mop each week.

We've enjoyed pumpkin carving, hiking, morning runs with blankets tucked around baby legs, soup and homemade bread, fall festivals, and just the simple joys of watching our girls make each other laugh.

Burrow (who - by now I thought would have outgrown that nickname - but still burrows into me... so i'll keep using it) - is now army crawling, sitting up on her own, talking more and more, and displaying the most adorable dimples. She loves food - and prefers to feed herself. Her favorite thing to eat is meat. Any kind. Chicken, sausage, meatballs, turkey, hamburger... you put meat in front of her and it disappears. She also loves cheerios and when she sees the box she starts waving her arms frantically and grunting. She will eat any fruit or veggie placed in front of her... but banana is hit or miss. Not sure why - maybe a texture thing?

Rufflebum has figured out how to use the big potty - but most of the time chooses to still live in diapers. I've learned that it's best not to push her. So I just act like I don't care - and find that she uses the potty the most often when she can just go in by herself, without me reminding her or asking her to go. My motto is - We'll get there when we get there.

Not to get all deep... but I guess I will get deep for a minute. 

Some friends and I were sharing different ways that we teach our kids about Jesus - how to apologize, and ask for forgiveness, and how to pray, etc. And we decided that potty training is a good analogy. We can't force them to do it... we can only model how to do it, give them the right tools to do it, and then encourage them as best we can.

See - I wasn't deep for too long.

Mr. San Antonio is getting better. His knee got infected which set him back a bit, but he's back in physical therapy and is allowed to do moderate exercise as long as he keeps the swelling down. We are thankful for that! 

To wrap things up, here are a few recent Rufflebum quotes:

- "I'm going to stand here one minute until I get a little bit bigger." (Put her hand on top of her head) "OH! I got taller!"

- (Me - hearing strange noises in the other room) "Claire, what are you doing?
- (Claire) "I'm in here!"
- (Me) "I know where you are. What are you doing?"
- (Claire) ::Pause:: "Mommy, you are sooooo beautiful."

- (Claire, praying with her dolly): "Dear God, thank you for dolly. Thank you for this room, and dresser, and walls, and mommy and daddy."

- (Claire) "What are you doing mommy?"
- (Me) "I'm taking all of our sheets off our beds to wash them."
- (Claire) "Wow. Thank you mommy. You are such a good mommy to us."

- (Claire, gathering her owl purse, keys, etc.) "I'm going to work now."
- (Me) "Ok. Have a good day."
- (Claire) "Ok. I will. Call me if you need anything."

And that's it for now.
-The Pampered Bird


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