Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall! We are enjoying the "cooler" weather in San Antonio - it's only been in the 80's!!! :) And have jumped right into some of my favorite fall activities: running, baking, roasting veggies, admiring pumpkins, and occasionally throwing on some fall clothes (at least for an hour or two in the morning). We baby step into fall down here.

Here is a very brief overview of our past couple months:

Yes, that is Mr. San Antonio in a wheel chair. Fortunately he didn't need it for very long - and went on to crutches quickly. But this was after he was thrown over a car while on his bike. Long story... made short - it was a miracle he walked away. The Lord protected him. We are so thankful. 

We finished off the summer with lots of swimming! 

And some playing inside while wearing rompers. Rufflebum would choose to wear a romper every single day. Sweet girl fights me tooth and nail about brushing her hair, but always wants her nails done and a romper on. 

I was able to spend a special weekend in September with my sister celebrating the fact that she is about to get married. 

And then - the highlight of the summer - just one week before fall officially began - our little family of four went on a family vacation in Davis Mountains of west Texas. We had a blast.

It was a much needed time for the four of us after Mr. SA's accident and before the craziness of the fall and holidays began.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall as well!
-The Pampered Bird


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