Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day (and other things that happened two weeks ago)

I know Father's Day was technically two weekends ago... but a lot has been happening since then (swimming... playing at the park... laying on the floor doing puzzles... consuming entire loaves of zucchini bread before the husband returns from his business trip so that I don't have to share... - you know, important things)... and so I'm a little delayed in sharing about our fun weekend. 

To start - both of my brothers and my sister-in-law and my nephew all came into town to celebrate (we missed my sister and her fiance!). Rufflebum and her cousin adore each other so we spent as many waking minutes with them as we could. 

Uncle Chandler was making them laugh.

Rufflebum teaching her cousin how to have a picnic.

Rufflebum "assisting" her cousin at the zoo.

In addition to Father's Day, it was my siblings' birthday and little Burrow was baptized. So basically there were a lot of reasons to eat cake.

For Father's Day I asked Rufflebum a series of questions about Mr. San Antonio, her Granddaddy and her YaYa. I posted some of her answers about her daddy a couple weeks ago... but here are the rest:

Regarding Daddy:
He is three years old.
He favorite color is green.
He favorite animal is an elephant.
His job is coloring and biking.
For fun daddy likes to go to the doctor.
His favorite thing to read is the Bible.
He favorite thing to watch is Elmo.
His favorite food is spaghetti.
Her favorite thing to do with him is play hide and go seek.

Regarding her Granddaddy (Mr. SA's dad):
He is 30 years old.
His favorite color is violet.
His favorite animal is a lion.
His job is coloring.
For fun he likes to work.
His favorite thing to read is books.
His favorite thing to watch... he has his own special TV.
His favorite food is milk and toast.
Her favorite thing to do with him is have tea parties.

Regarding her YaYa (my dad):
He is 20 years old.
His favorite color is pink.
His favorite animal is a tiger.
His job is paperwork.
For fun he likes to go to the office.
His favorite thing to watch is dinosaurs.
His favorite food is meatballs.
Her favorite thing to do with him is for him to chase her.


We had a blast with our families over the weekend. Lots of swimming, eating, talking, and watching the kids play together. The next time we are all together will probably not be until my sister's wedding in October... so it was a special time.

I'm so thankful that we get along with both sides of our family and truly enjoy everyone's company. I realize that is not something everyone has and I try to appreciate it as much as I can.

And I would be remiss in not acknowledging what a wonderful husband I have and what a great daddy he is to our two little girls. Thank you for loving all of us so well!

And please ignore my finger in the above picture... you would think that by my age I would have figured out how to work a camera... sheesh.

Happy Monday!
The Pampered Bird

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dealing with the Mafia

Take a good hard look at this picture...

What do you see?

A dirty driveway and walkway?

Some grass that needs a trim?

A street?

Do you want to know what I see?

I see my driveway without the old, falling apart, flat-tired, license plate hanging by one corner car that sat there for far too long. 

I see a family that has risen up in the ranks of the world.

I see neighbors who are celebrating behind closed doors that their property values just went up.

I see a woman who can stand proudly on her front walkway - instead of a woman who ducks her head and runs inside as fast as she can so no one knows that she belongs to the house with the falling apart car out front. 

So how did we finally manage to get rid of our old car - you are wondering. 

Well - a man knocked on our door. He said his nephew does some lawns in the neighborhood and had noticed that our car wasn't getting used. He said he was interested in buying it from us, if we were selling.

Are we selling?!?!? Yes!!! I'll pay you to take the car!!! (At least I thought that in my head - on the outside I played in cool...)

"Oh, our beloved car? You'll have to ask my husband about it..."

A few hours later and a transaction was made and the car was permanently removed from our property.

That night Mr. San Antonio asked me what I thought of the guys who had come to the door. 

"They seemed nice", I replied.

"Hmmm..." he muttered. "I wouldn't be surprised if our car ends up on the news... confiscated during a drug bust."

"Uhhh... do you think we sold the car to the mafia?"

"It's possible... but not probable."

"Oh.... maybe we should lock our doors tonight?"


I'm happy to report that we sold the car a couple weeks ago and yesterday I accidentally left my keys on our front step for two hours while we played at the local park... and no one took advantage of my forgetfulness. Not that the mafia would be polite enough to use a set of keys to get into a house...


All that to say, I'm so glad to be rid of that car. 

And I'm very thankful for our wonderful neighbors who didn't shun us because of our tacky front yard decor. 

And I'm thankful that no one helped themselves to the rest of the zucchini bread sitting on the counter while we were at the park... because I would have been really upset if I had come home and someone had finished it. 

-The Pampered Bird

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rufflebum Quotes

I am so not computer savvy. If blogging didn't require computers I would do it much more frequently.

When my computer kicked-the-bucket a month or two ago I (figuratively) curled into the fetal position and pretended I lived in a world where computers never die.

Daily I would stare at my computer and will it back to life. I'd try to turn it on... and it would blink at me and make a scary "whiiiiiir" sound and a grey and white speckled pattern would freeze on the screen. The only way to make it stop was to pop out the battery and unplug it from the wall.

I'd go through that ritual every day hoping it would work again. And then one day Mr. San Antonio came home with a new computer. He gently removed my clutching fingers from my old one and insisted that it was time to let it go.

I've had the new computer for several weeks but have been so intimidated by it that I haven't done anything other than open Google. Finally today I (figuratively) put on my big girl panties and figured out how to upload pictures from my phone onto the new computer.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. But I did it.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this is one of my prouder moments in life... but well... it was a big accomplishment for me.

So in honor of having a new computer.

And in honor of me being a big girl.

And in honor of the fact that it is June 13th and summer is in full swing and I've already got tan lines forming...

Here are some recent Rufflebum quotes for your enjoyment:


Me: You are beautiful. Do you know you are beautiful?
Rufflebum: Yes. You are beautiful too.
Me: Thank you. Do you know why you are beautiful?
RB: Because God made me.

Yes dear one. That is exactly why you are beautiful. Because God made you and God makes beautiful things.


RB: (Wearing a play stethoscope and talking to a stranger) - I'm a doctor. This is my stethoscope. I'm listening to my heart beat.

Yes dear one. You could very well become a doctor if you wish. The fact that you are two years old and know the word "stethoscope" and can use it appropriately in a sentence bodes well for your future as a doctor.


In honor of Father's Day - we had this conversation:

Me: How old is Daddy?
RB: He's three.
Me: Ok. What's his favorite color?
RB: His favorite color is green.
Me: Alright. What's his favorite animal?
RB: He likes elephants.
Me: Hmmm. I didn't know that about him. What is Daddy's job?
RB: Coloring and biking.

Oh dear one. I'm so glad Daddy doesn't color and ride a bike for a living. I don't think I could handle being married to a clown.


I'll share her thoughts about her Grandpa's next week. They are equally as cute. In the mean time. Here are some recent pictures of the girls:

This girl has got my heart in the palm of her hand. I love every bit of her.

And this girl looks so startled when she rolls over! And then she gets really really mad that she's on her tummy and can't figure out how to get back on her back. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I laugh every time. Mommy fail?

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Father's Day!!
The Pampered Bird


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