Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Update

Spring in Texas is quite lovely and we are soaking it up before summer hits. Zoo trips, park time, hikes. I've introduced Rufflebum to ''painting'' on the sidewalk with water. She loves it. 

Mr. SA is traveling a lot right now - every 2 or 3 weeks. It's a blessing but also difficult.  Lets just say the girls bedtimes get progressively earlier as the week goes on. 

So here are some things the girls are up to:

Rufflebum has started using her imagination. It started with her tea set… she will make copious amounts of ‘tea’ for anyone who will pretend to drink it. She goes through a very detailed ritual of stirring in pretend sugar and carefully pouring pretend milk. When she hands you your cup she immediately takes it back and insists that the tea is much too hot and that she needs to blow on it. When she hands it back she’ll ask you “is it all better?’’ If you reply “no, it’s still hot’’. She’ll take it back and blow on it some more and hand it back and again ask, “Is it all better?’’ Then you are allowed to drink it.

If after the first question you reply, ‘’yes, it’s great”, she will tell you, “no, it’s still hot, let me blow on it.’’ And will take it back, blow on it, return it and ask you again ‘’is it all better?’’ And then you are allowed to drink it.

And now her imagination is expanding. Last night as she was eating dinner she showed me her piece of cheese that had some bite marks out of it and told me it was a bookshelf. Then as she was popping garbanzo beans in her mouth she told me she was eating balloons.

She has an incredible memory and will tell detailed stories about things that happened months ago.

She uses the words “so” and ''because'' as if they are the appropriate transitional word for every situation. A typical conversation in the car sounds like this:

R: So… I have a problem.
Me: What’s your problem?
R: So… where are all the peoples? So… I need a snack. So… Yaya took me on the train. So… all aboard! Because… we went in a tunnel. Because… It was dark… but its all over. So… I had scary dreams. So…. Butterflies not to get you. Because… baby Alice wakes up! So… granddaddy is building a house! So… I take my shoes off?

I've discovered that once she gets going I’m not really expected to respond. Just an occasional, ’’uh huh” is all she needs. 

One Sunday Rufflebum insisted on wearing her sunglasses throughout church. She told me they were keeping her eyes warm. 

A couple weeks ago I took the girls on the train at the zoo. When the gate opened to let people board, Rufflebum wiggled her way to the front and managed to be the very first person on the train. She was completely unaware that I was not with her… or that other people might want to get on. She settled in to her chair and called out, ‘’Conductor!! GO GO GO!’’

As for the little one...
Burrow has started belly laughing. She coos and smiles all the time. And if you do it back to her she will laugh. It’s hysterical. She is desperately trying to roll over - and lets out a very frustrated noise while she tucks one leg under her and pushes and pushes with all her might.. Rufflebum rolled over right at four months… so we’ll see if Burrow is similar in her timeline. She is also grasping fingers and toys and pulling them into her mouth.

Have a great week! 
The Pampered Bird


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