Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr. SA's Website

As COO of our little family I've recently taken on a new assignment - marketing for Mr. San Antonio's law practice. Right now he works for a small firm, but gets most of his income through clients he personally brings to the firm. We hired a friend to set up a personal website for Mr. SA. And now I'm in charge of the online marketing. 

It's really an interesting process of creating online ads and participating in a bidding war for whose ad gets placed higher in the pecking order. I'm learning a lot about online advertising and why certain companies/websites show up first when you do a search - vs. on page 10.... where no one ever clicks. 

One of my brothers does this kind of thing full time as his paid job. Now that I'm learning the ropes I understand why he enjoys it so much. On top of being interesting and challenging - it uses a different part of my brain than this one:

"What does the cow say?"

"Can you say 'yes, please'?"

"No throwing food!!!"

"Yay! Nap time!"

You can see the website here: 

or here:

Unfortunately this new project is cutting into my house cleaning time. I really miss scrubbing my grout

And I no longer have time to watch soap operas and eat bonbons while Claire naps.

Just kidding. 

Do people even watch soap operas anymore? 

This is one of those deep meaning-of-life type questions that I often ponder. 

And I've officially lost my train of thought and have no coherent way to end this post. 

So.... have a good day!
The Pampered Bird


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