Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Library Boys

Claire and I went to the library this week, where she received her first kiss. An intentional, on the mouth peck from a sweet two year old boy (who at least had the where-with-all to introduce himself as Harry) before he allowed his infatuation with my daughter to overwhelm him, and demonstrate itself in the form of a smooch. 

Mr. San Antonio was quite upset about the whole ordeal. He made a lot of threats. Including never allowing Claire to step foot in a library again.

Unfortunately for him that might be hard to do. One of Claire's most precious qualities is her love for learning. She asks the name for everything. Everything. Over and over every day. It can get tedious on my end, but the moment when I see her eyes sparkle with understanding (that "light bulb moment"), it is all worth it.

We read a lot. Not just before bedtime and naps, but throughout the day. She'll bring me books and crawl in my lap and want to go through them over and over and over. I give her a book in her crib during her nap time and if she's not too tired she'll just sit in there and "read" out loud, flipping the pages, pointing, and "talking".

Sometimes she just likes the process of reading more than actually hearing the story. She insists on turning the pages, and when she's in these moods she'll flip faster than I can read. At these times I've calculated that I can squeeze in about 5 words per two page spread before the page turns.

If only I had known in college that I was learning how to synthesize material so that I could one day paraphrase children's books...

For example the story of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar is frequently read as:

A hungry caterpillar,
Looked for food.
He ate a lot of fruit.
Then he ate junk food.
Which made him sick.
Se he ate a leaf.
Took a long nap.
And became a butterfly.

There is a life time of valuable lessons to be garnered from this book. Starting with the fact that if your stomach hurts, eat a salad.

Much to Mr. San Antonio's dismay, I don't see the library fading out of our future. But at least she's picking up boys at the library and not in the sand box. You know what they say about those sand box boys...

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