Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving and Shaking

We officially have a crawler on our hands. Sometimes she goes sideways before she goes forward. Sometimes she pushes off with one foot while dragging the other leg under her. And sometimes she goes backwards when she means to go forwards and gets very frustrated. 

Time to hide all her favorite chew toys - namely our shoes and anything with a cord. Who says having a baby isn't like having a puppy?

We've had a busy month. We spent some time in Tahoe with family where we enjoyed my cousin's wedding, cool nights, days on the lake, good food, a campfire, lots of hikes, and I even got a bubble bath! 

This past weekend my grandparents came to visit and got to spend some quality time with Claire. Mostly we all sat around and waited for her to crawl or do her fake laugh (which is so much better than the fake cough she did for awhile). 

My days consist of having my clothes pulled out of shape by a girl who climbs all over me and uses my shirts to pull herself into a standing position. 

I also spend time introducing her to new foods. So far she has loved everything except for the rutabaga, carrot, pea mixture that a baby food book swore...

(Sorry, I had to pause because Claire just pulled herself up by the coffee table and then proceeded to fall over onto her head. Don't worry - we put a nice thick rug down in here over the weekend, and she's obviously not too fazed - she's up doing it again....) 

Anyway, the rutabaga food was disgusting (after the book said it was delicious). Probably the reason I've never eaten rutabaga. And why she never will again. (This is coming from someone who generally loves vegetables). 

Ok - before another face plant happens - here are some recent photos. 

Someone wouldn't sit still for her photo so Mama had to jump in and hold her down.

This is the fake laugh - We LOVE how she closes her eyes to do it. Makes us laugh for real every time.

One of her favorite toys. Good thing Mr. SA is so generous with his guitars.

Mid conversation. Have I mentioned this girl likes to talk? As in - I've caught her talking to the walls - not a joke.

Have a great week! And if you need to get some exercise you're welcome to come chase this baby around for awhile. I'd love the company! 
-The Pampered Bird


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