Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Hand Accomplishments

Top 5 things I've learned to do with one hand (while simultaneously bouncing a baby in the other arm, singing a made up song, and standing on one leg):

1. Typing blog posts
2. Making oatmeal
3. Reading books about how to bounce a baby in one arm while singing a made up song and trying to accomplish a third task
4. Sending videos and pictures to far away loved ones
5. Calling my mother or mother-in-law to beg the use of their arms

Notice this list doesn't include the following:

1. Taking a shower
2. Sleeping
3. Changing my clothes
4. Using the bathroom
5. Or any other form of self maintenance

There were certain things about bringing Claire home that I had anticipated, but I did not expect her to be quite so snuggly. In fact she has decided that nothing is worth doing unless she is being held. This includes sleeping (at all hours), and being bathed (yes this requires multiple arms and hands). 

The first night we had her home she was all confused on what "night time" meant. She was under the impression that "night time" = "play time" and she spent from midnight until 5am wide awake. This was confusing for us because she wasn't fussy, there wasn't anything wrong we could fix, but at the same time she wasn't willing for us to put her down either. Any time we tried to lay her down she would cry, then as soon as we picked her up she stopped and would make googly eyes at us. How could we resist?

So last night we decided to help her learn about night time. Around 8pm we turned down all the lights and got really quiet. She picked up our cues and slept through the night (minus needing to be changed and needing to eat). However, she still didn't want to sleep by herself - so we took turns holding her on the sofa while the other one would nap in our room. 

My favorite moment of the night was walking out to relieve Mr. San Antonio and finding them both sound asleep - with Claire all curled up on his chest. I would have left them there longer if she hadn't been sleeping for 4+ hours and needing to get some food in her belly. 

My second favorite moment of the night was watching her smile every time she passed gas. So undignified. So un-lady-like. So absolutely adorable.

Today on the agenda is:
1. Take a shower
2. Dress myself
3. Feed myself
4. Clean up the explosion of baby stuff that has taken over our living area
5. Enjoy little Claire as much as I can

We'll see how much of that I can do with one hand...

The Pampered Bird

Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing Claire Michele!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in several days.

I've been staring at this:
And kissing this:

Can you really blame me?

On Thursday we went in for our weekly check-in with the specialists and the baby's heart beat was going way to slow. The Doctor looked at me and said, you're having this baby today - and called the hospital to set up an emergency induction. Thirteen hours later our little baby girl was born, with the Doctor singing "Happy Birthday" as Mr. San Antonio caught her and put her on my chest.

Claire Michele is here! And we couldn't be more thrilled! She had a short stay in the NICU, but they couldn't find anything wrong with her intestines or her heart, and this morning we got to bring her home.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just heard Claire make a very un-dainty noise and I think someone needs to be changed.

The Pampered Mommy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Lost the Bet

Today is January 18th. Otherwise known as the day after Baby SA's "Due Date".

Obviously, I lost the bet. Baby did not arrive yesterday. And there is no sign Baby is going to arrive today.

In fact Mr. San Antonio even declared his arrival guess (Jan. 20) to be out of the running. He told me that there is no way this baby is coming this week unless they induce me (which we're hoping they don't have to do).

So I set out to prove him wrong. And put jalapenos in our dinner, went for a walk, and am buying pineapple today (because I read that pineapple can do the trick - can anyone verify this for me?).

I'm beginning to think that maybe babies have a mind of their own. Maybe they don't do things on command. Maybe I have little to no control over this situation. (Anyone who has experience with children is nodding in agreement.)

I'll just have to wait it out a little longer and be amazed at how the push-up challenge is going. I believe that since Sunday Mr. SA has done 1,250 push ups. This morning he got up at 6:30am, did 200 push-ups and built a fire for me because it was chilly outside (and inside). What a man!

Yesterday my parents and I stopped by a baby boutique. There was one rack of clothing for boys, the rest of the store looked like someone spilled pink paint over every possible baby accessory in existence. The scary part was watching my dad. He immediately went over to the puffiest, flounciest, pinkest skirt/tu-tu in the store and held it up with a beaming smile. He then found a matching coat complete with bows and ribbons. I told my mom that if this baby is a girl I'm going to have to buy a bigger armoire for the nursery... either that or give up my own closet.

Perhaps I've been going about this all wrong? I've been assuming the baby is a boy.... but it could be a girl, and maybe I should start bribing her with shopping trips with Grandpa?

Any other suggestions for coaxing this baby into the sunshine are welcomed. By me, and all of Baby SA's extended family!

The Pampered Bird

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Push-Up Challenge Take II

Do you remember back in 2010 when Mr. San Antonio and his friends embarked on the "Push-Up Challenge" (aka: 10,000 push-ups in a month)?

Well I do. He got buff. Really buff. Not that he isn't anymore or hasn't been since, but let's just say I remember that time well.

This weekend one of my brothers informed us that he has decided to embark on the challenge. A true sign of manhood if you ask me. And I told Mr. SA that as my brother's inspiration, he really should do the challenge again - this time with my brother. (Please note that there are totally selfish reasons for me pushing him on this - see paragraph above).

I plan on encouraging him by losing a good portion of my extra 30+ pounds over the next month. Of course, I'll be cheating by giving birth to a child. But when haven't I been pro-cheating?

As I type this he just finished his first 350 push-ups in front of a roaring fire (which he also built. after he chopped up the wood. what can't this man do?). And I cheered him on with my protruding belly, a homemade vanilla steamer, and a banana cookie (because what's more motivating than watching someone eat while you work out?).

Alright - I'm off to do some sewing. The blanket I made for Baby now has a matching valance (which will be fully assembled tomorrow thanks to some friends of my mom), and will soon have a matching bed skirt (if I stop eating cookies and go sew it together). If that's not motivation for this baby to come out, I don't know what is.

Happy Sunday!
The Pampered Bird

Friday, January 13, 2012

All Bets are On

We are 4 days away from the "due date" - which of course means it could still be another week and a half - and that makes me feel like a crazy person.

The cradle is now in our home, complete with a mattress, sheet and absorbent pad (because despite this being my first baby I do know a little about what to expect).

The laundry is done. Our bag is packed. The car seat was securely in the car - until last night when we had to remove it in order to transport the cradle - but could quickly be re-secured if baby should decide to come today (please pretty please?!?!).

Everything is ready, and sleeping has become increasingly uncomfortable, and remember I'm banned from chocolate. So, putting those three things together - it is time for this baby to come out into the real world.

But after our Dr appointments yesterday there is probably little hope of this child coming early (though I'd be totally cool with him/her proving us wrong).

Are you sensing a theme here?

Now to be totally fair to the Drs, one Dr yesterday did offer to "get things started" for me... but since Baby is still weighing in on the small side, I chose to let Baby keep plumping up inside and choose when to make an appearance. Little does Baby realize that if he/she doesn't plump up enough by next Thursday they're going to induce me anyway. So, we'll see if Baby catches on and starts absorbing all the banana cookies I'm consuming this week (sans chocolate chips mind you - which makes them undeniably less delicious - oops there is that theme again).

In order to make this time go by a little faster I decided that Mr. San Antonio and I should make a bet on when the Baby will join the outside world. The stakes are dangerously high. We bet $1, and a foot rub. And then I told him that I will insist on a foot rub regardless of whether I win or lose (that's the perk of having carried and birthed his child).

We decided that the bet is only valid for natural birth. If I am induced then all bets are off (meaning I get a foot rub and no one gets a dollar). So after a lot of thinking Mr. SA decided to bet on the 20th. Meaning he thinks Baby will be a good weight by the 19th (therefore avoiding induction) and then go on to emerge on the 20th.

After he chose, I had to decide whether to go after the 20th or before the 20th. The problem with going after the 20th is that there would only be a couple days before they would probably induce me anyway because I'd be over a week "late" - and then the bet would be off. So I decided to put all my marbles on the hope that our child will be punctual and considerate and will choose to arrive on the actual due date. So my bet is January 17th (you might think I"m being too optimistic, but remember I get a foot rub regardless, so I don't have too much to lose here).

In the mean time I'm taking long walks and having heart to heart chats with Baby about the wonders of the outside world.

Will keep you posted on how all these schemes work out.

The Pampered (and very pregnant) Bird

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ode to the Cradle

Ode to the Cradle

There once was a man
Named Mr. SA
Who planned and created
For many a day

He was inspired by a picture
He found it online
Then he sketched and measured
Until satisfied was his mind

At Allen and Allen 
He chose his wood
Walnut and Maple
Because he could

To bend the legs
He built a mold
And set up shop
In a warm abode

His friend Mr. Holmes
Lent him tools and advice
His mom and dad
Assisted way more than twice

There was frustration, irritation
Madness and woe,
But Mr. SA
Never did slow

He pushed through till the end
For Baby was near
The Pampered Bird 
Had no fear

The cradle rocks
Like a dream
It's as beautiful
As it seems

Now if only this baby
Would show his face
Her parents are ready
And will surely need grace...

The Pampered Bird

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Chocolate Free Bird

Thanks to having a great boss, I am officially working from home until Baby SA arrives (at which point I will "conveniently forget all my work passwords" - which is what a co-worker made me pinkie promise... over the phone... how does that even work?). 

It has been an interesting few days - learning how to juggle my time now that it's not packaged in tight containers of "office" and "home" - where "office" means driving down town, wearing business clothes, conversing with co-workers, attending meetings, having projects with deadlines, and being a good 20+ minute drive from home. And home means relaxing, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. 

Now that those two things are the same place I'm having to learn how to combine - meetings, deadlines and projects with cooking, cleaning, and resting. At times I feel like I'm doing all of it at once. And at times I feel like I'm not doing any of it at all. 

For example, at one point today I had sausage, zucchini, and tomatoes simmering on the stove, laundry spinning in the dryer, a work project up on my computer, all while talking to a co-worker half way across the country on my cell phone. And I think at that point I was even dressed and showered (though I wasn't wearing suffocating maternity hose!). Oh, and I think that was also the moment I heard something skitter across our attic above my head (Mr. SA told me to crawl up there and shoot it with his BB gun... but that isn't really related to what I'm talking about here). 

At a different point today I crashed. My body said "stop", so I laid down on the sofa for a few minutes and dozed off - only to be awoken by the school bell ringing to say that school was done for the day, and then 15 minutes of "Caroline ____ please come to the office" blasted across the loud speaker every few minutes in a slowly heightened pitch and serious tone. I'm sure Caroline was just distracted watching a bird or something, but that is not how one wants to be awoken from a nap, and I was "this close" to marching out there and taking her to the office myself).  

It has been nice to finally be home during the day and able to watch our neighborhood routines in more detail. Living next to an elementary school, I get to see all the parents line up their cars in front of our house at 2:45pm. I get to see moms and dads walk their kids home from school at the end of the day (I'm usually still in bed when they walk their kids to school - please don't tell anyone). I can see kids learning to ride their bikes in the school parking lot. I see all the utility trucks coming and going, doing repair work at neighbors' homes. I even got to meet some neighbors at Starbucks this morning (only 9 months after moving in)!

There are a couple things that would make this working from home thing just a tad sweeter (pun intended). And that would be if my Dr. hadn't banned me yesterday from any caffeine (even decaf tea) and chocolate until Baby arrives. Yesterday Baby's heart beat a was a tad irregular and they weren't sure why. They peppered me with questions like "do you drink soda" - no; "do you drink tea or coffee" - occasionally but not in the last 48 hours; "do you eat chocolate" - occasionally, but again not in the last 36 hours; "do you use cocoa butter on your stomach" - no; etc. etc. etc. Eventually he just said, "well, keep doing what you're doing and completely cut out any caffeine and chocolate, but everything should be fine and work itself out. 

So, here I am, working from home, dangerously near the fridge where there is still a half full box of Godiva chocolate that my grandparents gave me for Christmas, and I have to abstain. Otherwise I might hear my name on the loudspeaker, "Marissa back away from the chocolate and come to the office". 

Prayers for my sanity are appreciated. As well as my ever growing "need" for a chocolate fix (how is it that you only want things you can't have?!). And as always, continued prayers for this ever increasingly high maintenance child that Someone (*cough* - God) decided would be a good idea to send to us. 

Baby - if for no other reason, I'm begging you to please arrive soon. You don't want to see your mama go through chocolate withdraw. 

The Chocolate Free Bird

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're Ready for you Baby SA

Even though I get minimal amounts of sleep at night, today I am a happy camper.

Why you ask?
Because we have our toilet back.
Not that it had been stolen. And no, it didn't run away. It just decided to leak all over the bathroom, and for that misbehavior we have consequences. Namely, if you're going to leak all over the floor, then you get removed and put into time out.
So while our toilet contemplated its poor choices, I was left waddling, in the middle of the night, half asleep, up and down the quirky steps that grace our home, to the farthest corner of the house in order to use the only working toilet. I made the treck at least 5 times both nights that the closer toilet was dismantled. It was a harrowing experience, made more dangerous by the obstacles in my way - mainly the kitchen table, a bike, and all those steps.
Why is there a bike in our house anyway?
I can't answer that question.
But then the toilet got fixed, and I was able to make a much shorter and safer journey.
You would think that by having a shorter treck, I would get more sleep. But that is a false assumption, that doesn't take into account the 30 lbs strapped to my abdomen that makes falling asleep and staying asleep almost impossible.
Baby SA, I am ready for you to make your appearance.
Look, see, our house is ready for you too.

We have your reading nook all set up, and we have color on the walls (YAY!).

We have a bed for you to sleep in, and a comfortable place to have your diaper changed (over and over and over). 

Your mama and papa finally have stuff hanging on their (no longer beige!!) walls.

The living room is still decked out for Christmas, but it'll resume its normal appearance shortly. 

...and don't you like the very un-beige walls! 

Your mama even finished your quilt! 

And your papa is super close to having your cradle finished! 

So you see, we're ready for you. And so are your grandparents. Made evident by the fact that my mother no longer acknowledges my presence... she just reaches for the belly.

This belly...

The Pampered Bird


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