Thursday, July 12, 2012

One of Those Weeks

There are weeks, and then there are weeks. This week is one of the latter.

Now I'm going to take a minute to let out a big sigh, sip my mango lemonade, and embrace the fact that it is quiet right now. Because I think this might be the first time it has been all week.

It started on Tuesday when Baby SA was not acting like herself, and turns out was running a fever.

Our stroller got a flat tire which my father in law graciously fixed for me.

My car overheated while picking my mom up at the airport. Again Ed came to my rescue (Mr. SA had gone on a run without his phone - which I had said was fine - "I'm just picking up my mom, nothing is going to happen!"). While waiting for Ed my former boss and his wife drove past us at the airport and stopped to help.

Then after getting the car within 5 blocks of our house, it gave up on me again. Mr. SA picked us (my mom, Baby SA and me) up and drove us all out to my parents' house to drop off my mom and pick up their extra car for me.

While on our way out there Baby SA started crying really hard - she was still running a fever. The only thing that would calm her down is if I sat right next to her, with my hand on her cheek and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". If I changed songs, or heaven forbid took a breath, she started crying again.

Eventually I had to move to the front seat to drive the car home. She wasn't thrilled about it, but as long as I kept singing that song she was able to just whimper and not full on cry.

I sang that song for 30 minutes straight.

30 minutes.

It's not a long song. Do you have any guess as to how many times I sang it?

Whatever you think it felt like a million.

Baby SA is feeling a bit better today. Our stroller is fixed. My car is at the shop. And I made cookies. So things are looking up.

Hopefully next week will be one of those other kinds of weeks.

The Pampered Bird

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo Montage

If you woke up this morning wondering, "gee... when do I get to see more photos of Baby SA?", then today is your day!

I didn't really want this blog to become a "baby photo album" but there are exceptions to every rule - right? And today I'm taking that exception and running with it.

This is her sleep position of choice. I usually wake up to her on her stomach or her side with both legs stuck through the bars of her crib.

This is her common, quizzical look. Or her, "Momma, aren't you done taking pictures yet?" look.

This is her common, happy look. Or her, "Can I wear a tutu forever and ever?" look.

And this is her caught mid-reach for her toes... which I'm sure she was trying to get in her mouth. It's her favorite thing to do with her toes.

The Pampered Bird

Monday, July 9, 2012


Baby SA has been showing an interest in big-person food for awhile, and now that she has two teeth I figured we should embark down the scary road of solid foods.

So far it's been fairly successful. She loves rice cereal. Goes to town on frozen banana and frozen peas (stuck safely in a mesh baggie that she gnaws on). Seemed to enjoy sweet potatoes, and passionately spit out avocado. Oh well, you can't win them all.

All this eating is giving her lots of energy for her jumper.


The next post will be a shameless photo montage of this precious girl (not that I'm biased or anything). 

The Proud Bird

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trip to the Coast

We spent last weekend at the coast. They don't call it the beach here in Texas. They call it "the coast".

For those of you accustomed to "the beach" - there are a few key differences between "the beach" and "the coast":

The beach is cold - the water is cold, and often the air is cold.
The coast is hot - the water is warm, the air is hot.

The beach has large waves and the water gets deep quickly.
The coast has small waves and you can walk at least 1 1/2 football fields length into the water with no problem.

The beach has some seaweed.
The coast has lots of seaweed.

There completes your Texan lesson for the day.

Going back to our trip - we spent it with Mr. SA's side of our family - sharing a condo with his sister's family and his parents, and one lost possum/raccoon who got stuck in our wall. There was lots of good family time, either playing in the waves, touring the aquarium, or eating my mother-in-laws amazing brownies.

I'm not going to lie, at 3:00am on the first night/morning I got a little skeptical about the whole trip. We got in late and Baby SA was tossing and turning and making all sorts of noises which were keeping me awake.  

By 1:00am I had hardly slept and was losing my patience. Mr. SA had also woken up and I asked him to help me move her into the living room so I could sleep. We got back into bed only to have the sounds get louder. Mr. SA followed what sounded like scratching and thumping (what I had thought was Baby SA) to the wall and as he got right up next to it there was a loud SNORT.

He jumped back and exclaimed that there was an animal trapped behind the wall... "and you know, those walls aren't that thick, if he's really determined he can probably break through".

And there went any chance of me sleeping.

We moved our mattress, and all our stuff into the living room and barricaded the bedroom door. But at 3:00am I was still awake having visions of a rabid animal bursting through the wall and trying to eat my baby.

Later that morning, after some very strong coffee and leaving Baby SA in the more alert arms of her Grandmommy, Mr. SA and I wandered down to the water to relax for a few minutes. As I sat on the coast I watched a storm approach. The clouds, the rain, the lightning, all were such amazing reminders of God's presence and control in the midst of our lives.

How wonderful to know that the God who stores up the lightning and commands the clouds to release the rain, also watches over the animal in the wall, and all of us sleep-deprived parents - and gives us just the right amount of grace to make it through our days.

The Sleepy Bird

P.S. the animal was rescued a couple days later... yes a couple days...


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