Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Milestones and Other Things

It has been two weeks since I stopped being a Development Manager and took a promotion - becoming COO of Bondurant Enterprises (this job is so great, I even got to choose my own title).

Baby SA and I have been having a grand time reading stories, listening to music, rolling over from our backs to our fronts and to our backs again, running errands, and folding laundry. It's never too early to introduce chores.

I've had more time to cook and bake which has been fun. I've had some successes - such as honey whole wheat sandwich bread, and homemade pizza dough. And some major flops. Whoever decided it was cool to make brownies out of black beans should have their culinary license revoked. Please, if you love chocolate, or have any respect for chocolate at all - do not bend to this new trend in "healthy baking". Leave the beans on your dinner plate and for the love of all things tasty put flour back in your brownies.

Baby SA's latest milestones include:

- Throwing her swaddle blankets over board - they restricted her ability to play in her crib at 2am and therefore had to be removed. No plea from mom could convince her of their innocence.

- Becoming fascinated with iced beverages.  This is either a milestone, or proof that Texas Summer has arrived.

- Developing a taste for reading. Literally.

- Realizing that if she kicks in her bathtub she can soak mom. Anyone have a stylish poncho I can borrow?

- And flirting with daddy. She has an unbelievable ability to smile and then demurely duck her head and flutter her eyelashes. Watch out.

And watch out for those brownies I mentioned above... if you ever come across them, please throw them overboard. 

The Pampered Bird


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