Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love at 2AM

Perhaps we were getting prideful about the fact that our baby slept through the night so early.

Perhaps we were over-due for a little challenge.

Perhaps we were in need of an excuse to drink (coffee that is).

But the only thing I could think at 2am was "why aren't you sleeping!?!?"

Baby San Antonio has been sleeping through the night (almost all the time) since she was about 6 weeks old. But this past week she decided that sleep time should be awake time (who planted that idea in her head?).

I was being fairly tolerant of her midnight musings until Sunday night roled around. Knowing I had to get up early to get ready for work made me less patient when the noises started shortly after 1am.

But I'm not yet at the point where I'm willing to let her cry it out - so I went to check on her and when it was obvious she was hungry I fed her and laid her back down. She appeared to fall asleep and I thought, "that was easy".

No sooner had I nestled back in under the sheets than she started crying again. She hasn't done that in almost two months (not going right back to sleep)... I didn't know what to do. So I went back in and she immediately started smiling and cooing at me.

I decided this was an appropriate time to have a heart to heart conversation about how there is a time for playing and a time for sleeping, and 2am is most definetely a time for sleeping.

She responded by filling her diaper.

Then she laughed.

This time Mr. San Antonio got up to see what was going on (or maybe I woke him up by shaking him and begging for help? did I hold the dirty baby over him too? I can't remember... and probably shouldn't be held liable for anything I did at that hour anyway).

After cleaning her and putting her down and having her continue to cry unless I was touching her, we decided to try bringing her to our bed - and having Mr. SA move to the guest room for the night. We aren't typically bed-sharing type parents, but you do what you have to do.

I got Baby SA situated and laid down next to her. She contined to fidget so I put my hand next to hers - she immediately grabbed on and fell asleep holding my finger.

Even though I didn't really sleep the rest of the night (that girl can grunt and can pack a punch), I did find joy in knowing that she was at peace next to her momma. And I felt a little bit of pride in the amount of love that fills our house - all thanks to the One who first gave that love to us.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inside City Limits

Several months ago a friend gave Mr. San Antonio a pellet gun. It is complete with a silencer, because what pellet gun doesn't need a silencer?

The silencer, as a result, makes the pellet gun look like an assault weapon.

Now the purpose of the pellet gun is to shoot birds. Namely doves that like to perch in our pecan trees. However, if a possum, squirrel or other non-domesticated animal happens to get in the flight path of the bullet... well, that's a shame.

Over the weekend Mr. San Antonio had some friends in the back yard and when I peeked out the window they were holding the gun.

A few minutes later Mr. SA walked through the house wearing my gardening glove.

A couple minutes pass by and Mr. SA pokes his head around the front door and suggests that I occupy myself in a different part of the house.

Then his friend comes in the house asking me for a plastic bag.

Now, perhaps I caught on later than most - but eventually it dawned on me...

So I marched outside and in the most commanding voice I could muster I said, "Mr. San Antonio, what kind of dead of animal did you just carry through our house?!"

Laughter filled the back yard and Mr. San Antonio wore an extremely guilty look on his face. "Do you want to see?" He asked me with a hand behind his back.

Before I could answer, a headless bird was brought out into my view. I reacted like this:

Please notice that you can't see my face. That is because the camera was in the same place as the headless bird - neither of which I wanted to look at.

After the laughter died down, the bird was prepared for the grill - cooked and subsequently consumed by Mr. SA and his friends. We don't waste dead animals here in Texas.

Just please don't tell me that to become domesticated I have to start plucking birds.

I'd rather scrub our floors with a toothbrush.

And you know that's saying a lot.

The Pampered Bird

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Job

Maternity leave ended, and after returning to work full time for a couple weeks, Mr. San Antonio and I made the big decision for me to quit my outside-the-house job so that I can focus all my energy toward being a mom and a wife.

This decision was much more difficult than I expected it to be. I knew juggling everything would be tiring. And I knew that ultimately I wanted to stay home full time. But when it came time to put in my notice at work I struggled.

Partly I didn't want to disappoint my boss and my co-workers - people who have really invested in my career through trainings, advice, support, etc.

Partly I didn't want to disappoint myself - even though I've heard "you can't do it all", part of me thought maybe I could.

Partly I couldn't quite believe that God would want to bless me by giving me my heart's desire - of staying home with Claire. I often assume that God's plan must include my suffering (i.e. exhausting myself by trying to juggle work and home life, and stressing myself by thinking the only way God can provide insurance for us is through my job).

But one day when I shared these things with Mr. San Antonio he reminded me that God loves to bless His children. Sometimes those blessings take the form of suffering, but not all the time. Would I refuse God's blessing just because I think I have to be a martyr in order to be doing God's will?

So we sat there and we weighed the pros and cons:

1. I give up my fantasy of having a house cleaner
2. We postpone any deluxe vacations for a while
3. Mr. San Antonio's dream truck will remain on the lot for a little longer

1. I get to put my whole self into loving and serving my family

Pros won. Big time.

Besides, I did get a house cleaner.

You might know her as the Pampered Bird.
Until now, I haven't been known for my cleaning skills, but I'm on a journey toward domestication.
Now how do I turn on this vacuum?


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