Monday, December 19, 2011


It's countdown time - at least for me!
Countdown until Christmas: 6 days
Countdown until gifts need to be purchased: 5 days
Countdown until gifts need to be purchased so that I have time to wrap them: 4 days
Countdown until I get to start working from home: 4 days
Countdown until I get to start working in sweat pants and can remove these oxygen inhibiting maternity hose: 4 days
Countdown until our next ultrasound: 3 days
Countdown until Baby SA is considered "full-term": 8 days
Countdown until Baby SA is "due" to arrive: 28 days
Countdown until Baby SA "could" arrive: ANY DAY
Countdown until the highlight of my day will be the number of diapers my child soils, and the color of the contents: too soon
Countdown until we get to meet Baby SA: not soon enough
Mr. San Antonio is busy finishing the cradle. And in case it isn't finished in time, we have a dresser drawer primed and ready (we also have a crib - but that's so uncreative).
Countdown until Baby SA has a cradle: TBD (but getting close!)
This past weekend I made a list of things that I "needed" to get in order to feel more ready for the baby to arrive. This included diapers. Because I only have one container of diapers at home (and I've been told that is about 100 too few). Well, as weekends sometimes go, I didn't get to accomplish all the errands on my list - including not getting diapers. Sunday evening was a little rough on Mr. San Antonio as I had a slight break down over the lack of things I accomplished that day.
Monday morning I was reading a devotional that talked about not focusing on our "to do" list but instead to keep our eyes on Jesus and let him direct our days. Well, lo-and-behold, I got to work and my co-workers threw me a surprise diaper shower. How cool is that?
Countdown until I need to buy more newborn size diapers: never
Now I just need to get Internet back up and running at home so I can finally post some pictures of the house! And so I can work from home after Christmas. In the mean time...
Countdown until I get to stop wearing the same maternity clothes over and over and over and over: TBD
Happy Counting!
The Pampered Bird

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go...."
Except at our house.
Any other year this would make me very sad, and I would stay up late in order to remedy this fact. However, this year we have a wonderful reason to postpone the decorating.
Our house got finished being painted yesterday! "Deck the Halls with [muddled basil and waterscape paint] Fa la la la la, la la la la!"
I will post pictures once we move back in. For now we are staying with my parents to avoid the fumes. Which has a couple additional perks: 1) There are other people interested in cooking for us (taking away a stress for me); and 2) We get to stay in a fully decorated home and reap all the benefits of being surrounded by visual reminders of Christmas.
It feels a bit too much like vacation though, which makes it hard for me to remember to go to work in the morning. Sorry boss. "I'm dreaming of [not going in to work], just like the ones I used to know."
We snuck into our house over the weekend to make sure I wouldn't go into labor when I saw the finished paint colors (I was nervous about the fact that I hadn't really seen any of the colors actually on the wall). Fortunately, I loved what I saw and am very excited to move back at the end of the week!
What I'm most excited about is having a home that finally feels like ours just in time to welcome Baby SA in just 6 more weeks (give or take). As of today I'm at 34 weeks, so even if I go into labor while hanging ornaments this coming weekend, Baby should be just fine.
For those of you who keep asking me what fruit or vegetable Baby compares to now...
From my perspective Baby is a giant watermelon. And I had a dream last night that the Baby's foot was pushing so hard against my skin that I could count his/her toes. There were 10 (in case you were worried that "All of the other reindeer [would] laugh and call him names").
A more objective description of Baby's size = slightly more than 4lbs of cuteness (oh wait, that's not objective), that opens his/her eyes when awake and closes them when sleeping. Baby has a newborn sleep cycle (uh oh, I'm in trouble), and Baby can recognize voices and sound patterns ("Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum, On my drum?").
What you won't find on the websites is that Baby can also be startled. Last night I was rubbing Baby's back and somehow ended up bumping his/her foot and Baby jumped like he/she was startled. Whoops. Sorry Baby.
As far as the Pampered Bird goes - I've been feeling pretty good, with normal tiredness and some back aches (but nothing that can't be remedied by a hot shower and/or heating pad. Throw in some Christmas cookies and I'm back to 100%.)
Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa.
The Pampered Bird


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