Monday, January 17, 2011

"Cold" Front

Where we live it is usually very warm - as you've probably caught on with these little blog stories. But one week of the year it decides to get "cold". And our apartment doesn't really know how to handle it. So it just sits at a balmy 48 degrees. And when I leave the laundry detergent in the car it freezes (and doesn't bother to inform me until I'm at the laundry mat unable to wash clothes because I don't own a pick-ax).

We adjust, and wear three pairs of socks, and walk around with portable heaters, and complain. And sometimes we stoop so low as to turn on the fire breathing dragon and warm our hands on his open flame. We lament the fact that one of the owners of our building back in time decided to close in our fire place. And we wish we were covered in fur.

And, because he's convinced it's good for me, Mr. San Antonio will push us to go for a run, and he'll tell me it's warm outside. When I complain that I can't feel my ears (or my hands, or my legs...), he says things like, "What? I'm sweating! It's so hot and sunny outside - I think I'm getting a sunburn!" Take a guess on how I respond to that... a) karate chop him; b) complain louder; c) drink hot chocolate when we get home; d) all of the above.

I have the house to myself this afternoon/evening, and it's finally a little warmer, and since I can feel my fingers, I'm choosing to use this time to finally sweep up the pine needles from the Christmas tree. And sneak bites from the cookies in the freezer even though I already had half of a cupcake after lunch.

If you want to judge me that's fine. But I'd rather you redirect that energy and come over to help me hunt down the needles that have lodged themselves in every crevice of our home. I'll make you hot chocolate!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eventful Month

Welcome back to my little blog! It has been an eventful month... with joys and sorrows, and lots of hugs (though sometimes not enough, if that makes sense).

I stopped writing for awhile because I just couldn't quite seem to get myself to type the words that my Grandpa passed away. Even his memorial, which had 3x the number of people we expected, couldn't quite make me believe that he is really gone.

But the memorial, and time with family, and being surrounded by best friends and my wonderful husband, had its blessings too. And allowed for sweet time with Grandma, with lots of story telling and reminiscing.

The last month has not been totally consumed with sadness. I got to see my other Grandpa and Grandma right after Christmas (they came to our side of the world for a few days!), which was truly wonderful and an opportunity to thank God for all the people in my life.

We also got to spend a few days skiing at the family cabin and enjoy lazy days of laying on the couch reading a book and watching the Rose Bowl.

When we returned from our trip I got to start a new job! And that has been the biggest surprise joy I could imagine. I am truly loving it and am so glad to be where I am. The only downside is that I'm working much longer hours than before and it might take me a few more weeks to figure out how to fit blogging back into my schedule.

However! Have no fear - because Mr. San Antonio purchased us a new camera for Christmas... which means I have to blog so I can show off all the unidentifiable I mean blurry I mean great photos I'll be taking.

And now, I will have to close this because my fingers are going numb in our little castle that is registering a high of 54 degrees right now (even with our portable heater practically sitting in my lap).

Much love (and glad to be back),
The Pampered Bird


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