Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank You!

I have been flooded with messages from friends, relatives and blog-friends (by which I mean people I have never met but read my blog and therefore really aren't "strangers"). Many of you have contacted me directly, and many others have given messages to my Mom who has then passed them on to me. And for all of it - thank you.

There have been many words of wisdom, prayers, and encouragement about Baby SA and by the way he/she is kicking me right now, I think Baby SA wants to say thank you too!

Hello there!

Ok. Tell me that isn't the cutest little nose you've ever seen. And feel free to tell me to stop bragging about the adorableness of my child. I don't want to be "that mom".

Here is Baby SA all curled up with no where to go. Legs are looped up over the head. Can someone say future Olympic gymnast? Oh wait, Baby has my genes... and I was told by my gymnastics instructor at the age of 5 that I was too tall and should consider a different athletic activity (I'm holding a tissue... it still hurts. *sniffle*).

And here is the proof that Baby SA has my genes. The foot. The ultrasound tech said, "Wow, those are some long thin feet. And a very tiny pinky toe."  Yes, well those would be mine. I would show you my feet, but just in case you're eating while reading this - I'll refrain. (You can thank me later).

While we wait for Baby SA to make an entrance in a few months, we're busy trying to fix up the house. Above are some paint colors we're considering.

And here is the quilt I'm almost done with - which is the inspiration for the paint colors.

Now I'm going to go and arm wrestle Mr. SA for the last scoop of vanilla ice cream I hear him getting from the freezer.

Pickles anyone?

The Pampered Bird

Thursday, August 25, 2011

From Mangoes to Pizza - all in one post

It is time for a baby to fruit comparison... drum roll please.

According to multiple websites, at 19 weeks and 2 days, Baby SA is approximately the size of a mango. For those of you who have never picked up a mango at the store, but like to stare at your ruler, last week the Dr. said Baby SA is about 7 inches long and 1/2 lb (or the weight of the hamburger you ate over the weekend - thank you Mr. SA for that analogy).
At 19 weeks the baby already has the sleep pattern of a newborn (which includes waking up momma in the middle of the night with kicking and squirming). And supposedly has a favorite sleep position (I do too, but it keeps getting interrupted).

A couple nights ago as I waited to fall asleep, I laid in bed and poked my stomach until Baby SA started squirming. Then every time I felt something I would laugh. Is that weird? Probably...

And might explain Baby's kicks to my organs the next day. "Oh Momma, you think you're soooo funny - but two can play this game."

Thanks to some helpful friends and relatives, I'm beginning to compile a list of suggested registry items. I've been taking suggestions, and doing some research and have come dangerously close to "decision fatigue which is the newest discovery involving a phenomenon called ego depletion, a term coined by the social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister in homage to a Freudian hypothesis." Apparently they ran some experiments which demonstrated that "there is a finite store of mental energy for exerting self- control."

Which explains why my self-control got away from me yesterday and I chose to hand stitch the final step on the quilt I'm working on. Who in their right mind does that?! I poked myself 5 times with the needle!

I'm just happy that the solution for "decision fatigue" that the article puts forth is - eating. Next time I feel my self-control getting away from me (i.e. wanting to poke my unborn child to get him/her to entertain me) I'll just eat a pizza.

The Pampered Bird

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pampered Baby-Bird

After the events of last week, I needed a weekend of pancakes and the gym and Starbucks and movies, with a little bit of quilting, shopping and the-most-amazing-steak-Mr.San Antonio-has-ever-grilled-ever.

And that right there about sums up what we did.

There were no decisions to be made (other than what form of potatoes should I cook to go with the steak). And there was no stress (other than trying to pick a movie to watch that we would both enjoy).

Baby SA was well fed, got lots of rest, but also wiggled around just enough to keep momma from worrying.

Mr. SA showed me his plans for a cradle. It's going to be amazing. It's going to rival the bed he built for us as a wedding gift. Can you say "pampered baby-bird"?

And it makes total sense that Baby SA would be pampered, especially if my new hunch is correct - that Baby SA is a girl. Here is my sound, scientific reasoning for this:

One: she's obviously a drama queen. Not only for the scare she's giving us - but because I think she knew deep down that by scaring us she'd get to have her photo taken every month from now until birth. Pretty clever... pretty clever. And during the ultrasound last week she kept putting her hand to her head in a very dramatic fashion. Oh dear.

Two: even though the same number of girls and boys are conceived, more girls make it to birth - showing that girls tend to be better fighters in utero. I told Mr. SA that if this was a boy, and his intestine had torn, he would have cried, waited for me to put a band-aide on it (which couldn't have happened) and eventually wimped out on me. But since it is a girl she just persevered and fought through it.

My scientific reasoning is so sound don't you think? But, just for the record - we do not actually know the gender. We asked all the techs and doctors to please not tell us so we can keep it a surprise for when we get to meet Baby SA face to face.

Here's to hoping you have a pampered Monday!
And here's my note that in the last post I said Psalm 131 when I meant Psalm 139.
And here's to reminding myself to do a better job editing before I send things into public space.
And here's to hoping our home Internet starts working again soon so I can show you pictures of the most beautiful fetus ever (not that I'm biased or anything).

-The Pampered Bird

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby B and the Great Physician

Growing up my siblings and I used to insult each other by calling each other "special". We were dorks. Obviously. But it totally worked. Whoever was being called "special" ended up doing the most entertaining things like biting, kicking, screaming, or retaliating with "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounced off me and sticks to you." We were charming weren't we?

So on Thursday when my OBGYN told me I needed to see a "specialist" about an "abnormality" on my baby's tummy, my 10 year old instincts crept in (not that I wanted to bite her), but I did want to retaliate with something along the lines of, "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong patient - my ultrasound just went perfectly, and not that I'm biased or anything - but I just saw the most beautiful fetus ever".

But I didn't. I cried. And asked to call my lawyer.

Once Mr. SA was on the phone, she walked us through what she knew - which was very little. There is a spot on the baby's tummy that looks like it is made of bone - but there shouldn't be any bones in the tummy. Neither she, nor the ultrasound tech (who has been doing this for 15+ years) had ever seen it before.

Hence why she called the Specialist.

Friday morning (today) I was awoken by the baby stretching and turning itself. Really a sweet blessing from the Lord - He knew I needed the affirmation that Baby B is just fine and was ready for another day of being poked and prodded.

At the Specialist's office, I heard things like, "I've been doing this for 20+ years and have never gotten to see this before!"

Oh well, good for you, glad to present you with this opportunity.

And, "What I see here is identical to my text book."

Uh, your text book? I thought you've been doing this for 20 years... you still need your text book?

And then, "It appears as though your baby's intestines ruptured at some point and then healed themselves. So the spot we're seeing is the scar tissue."

Never has Psalm 131 seemed so real, "He knit you together in your mother's womb." Or in Baby B's case - "He re-knit you together..."

We're running some extra tests just to rule out anything more severe - but for now we're moving forward feeling blessed that our Maker, our Healer, our Great Physician has performed in-utero surgery and is making Baby B His perfect child.

Which means Baby B will never taunt his/her siblings by calling them "special". Right?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neighborhood emails

As a new, young, energetic home owner I made the naive decision to sign up for our local neighborhood email list serve. I expected to get information on block parties, cook-outs, and kids who would be willing to wash our cars.

Unfortunately those things are noticeably absent from the emails. Instead I receive daily messages about all the missing (and subsequently found) pets, attempted thefts, and the occasional used furniture for sale.

I really wanted to share with you one of the "attempted" theft stories, and give you my witty come back that I'm too polite to actually share with the neighbor who posted it... but then Mr. SA wisely suggested that I think about the potential consequences of making fun of someone on the Internet and the potential of me actually meeting this woman in the future and her seeing my blog and reading about how I made fun of her and... well I'm sure you can guess where that would go.

So I thought about it over night, and the next morning read this in Proverbs 11:12, "Whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense, but a man of understanding remains silent."


Darn it.

So... all that to say, I will not be sharing with you those thoughts - and believe me, you are missing out. I think my come-back would definitely qualify as one of my funnier moments.

But on a different note, all the emails about missing belongings made me slightly nervous about the fact that one of the back windows on my car recently decided it doesn't want to close all the way. I was slightly afraid that passer-by-ers wouldn't be able to restrain themselves from wanting to take my car - until I noticed all the bird-droppings covering the car.

For some reason I'm no longer worried.

And if they do decide my "decorated" car is worth stealing - well, little do they know that if they stand next to the car long enough to decide if they want to steal it, the birds who live in the tree above will give them a present and send them on their way (we speak from experience).

Really if you think about it - a tree full of birds is a much lower maintenance and cost efficient home safety system than say an actual alarm or even a dog.

Maybe I'll post my epiphany on the neighborhood list serve.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my favorite husband!

Not that I have more than one husband… it’s just that the one I have also happens to be my favorite. Rather convenient don’t you think?

Last year on this day we were in the quaint town of Aix-en-Provence in France. Yesterday afternoon I turned to Mr. SA and said, “You know, you still have about 8 hours to get me to an exotic location for our anniversary tomorrow. (wink, wink)”

“I think you’d better manage your expectations”

“Oh. Like I should expect to spend our anniversary in my office?”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good expectation to have.”

Oh well. Really, I feel for the man. He set me up with the best on our first anniversary; so in the back of my mind I’ve always known it would be downhill from there.

However, I was still woken up with flowers and a solid, grade “A” attempt to get me my favorite muffin from my favorite bakery (which ended up being closed). And a little human stretching itself against my bladder making me have to get out of bed sooner that I would have preferred.

A pretty awesome way to celebrate, if you ask me. Oui Oui?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Avocados and Aerobics

Just in case you woke up this morning and asked yourself, "I wonder how big Baby SA is now?!" Let me put your mind at ease.

I'm in my 17th week, which means Baby SA is between the size of an avocado and a turnip.

"But I've never seen a turnip in my life Pampered Bird! And my grocery store sells small avocados and "large Has" avocados! How am I supposed to process this information??"

There, there. I totally sympathize with you. If you are really that interested in the size of our growing baby, he/she is approximately 4.5 inches long - or the size of your palm. Does that help?

Last week was the first time friends told me that I'm starting to show. I have to admit that was a little exciting. After all, my pants haven't zipped in over three weeks - so it's about time someone recognize the fact that I haven't ditched working out, but instead am trying my hardest to grow a human being.

As part of the process I have started doing aerobics in our living room. By myself. With my arms dangerously close to the ceiling fan which is on at full speed.

In college I took a step class - which I loved. But the fact that I was double the height of everyone else in the room, and the fact that no one wanted to stand near me because my arms are so long that classmates risked being smacked in the head every time I did a jumping jack... caused my self consciousness to soar to new heights. In order to protect the innocent, I now do aerobics at home, by myself.

The DVD I found is specifically designed for prenatal exercises and is broken up by trimester, with boot camp workouts for after Baby SA makes his/her appearance. It combines cardio and toning and I like that the only equipment I need are some lite weights. All Mr. SA has to put up with, is me rearranging the living room furniture every time I workout so that I don't bang a knee on the coffee table, kick over his guitars, or trip on a sofa. So far he's been totally cool about it.

As repayment for putting up with me, I let him poke my stomach to see if we can get the baby to perform (foreshadow of things to come?... probably), but have so far been unsuccessful at feeling any kind of response. I'm guessing Baby SA is rolling his/her eyes and asking God why he/she is being placed in our family.

Just you wait Baby... there are all sorts of surprises waiting for you!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stir-fry and failed yoga

On Monday Baby SA and I were craving some stir-fry. Wanting to live up to my blog promise of sharing flavor packed prenatal meals - I thought I'd share the recipe. As expected, it is in Pampered Bird style which means I misplaced the recipe and am making it up as I type. It should be about right if you want to risk duplicating.

First I gathered the following:
1 head of broccoli florets (chopped in big pieces)
1 carrot (chopped in big pieces)
1 red bell pepper (chopped in big pieces)
a handful of snow peas
1 package of extra firm tofu
And some noodles from the Asian aisle. (That's as descriptive as I can be, because I already threw away the bag. But they look a lot like linguine noodles if that helps)

For the sauce, I found a recipe that used stuff I already had at home - perfect!
1/4 cup + 1TB of Peanut Butter
1/4 cup honey
2TB soy sauce (I had low sodium on hand)
1TB sesame oil
1TB lime juice
1TB garlic
I was also supposed to include ginger - but I forgot to buy it. So, really this is totally unauthentic... my advice to you is add the ginger!

I heated peanut oil and garlic in the largest fry pan I have. Then I added the carrots for a minute on their own. Then the rest of the veggies. They were in there probably 5 minutes at the max. I pulled them out while they were still nice and crunchy. Then I added the tofu - you press out the water first, cut it into cubes, soak it in some soy sauce for a minute, then put it in the pan. I saw recipes where you coat it with flour and stuff but that seemed like too much work.

Meanwhile cook the noodles like you would any other noodles.

Once the tofu is browned on all sides, add the veggies and noodles and pour on the sauce. I ended up needing more sauce because 1) we like sauce, and 2) I used a lot of veggies - but for the second round of sauce I cheated and just mixed PB, honey, soy sauce and lime juice together.

Mr. SA enjoyed the meal, but asked me to please be sure not to admit online that he liked the tofu. So I would like to make public that in all circumstances Mr. SA always prefers beef to anything else non beef related. Thank you for taking note.

There are no pictures of our meal because I was too anxious to start my pre-natal yoga online class. Which ended up being completely useless for relaxation because I laughed the whole way through - the repeated mantra of being one with your labor, celebrating the pain, and sending your baby love by posing in awkward yoga positions was too much for my stir-fry full self.

Sending love,
The un-zen-ified Pampered Bird


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