Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bumpy Ride

One of my closest friends commented to me last spring - that with my history of stomach queasiness, if I ever got pregnant I would be doomed. (I'm paraphrasing slightly).

Well, miraculously my first trimester was (relatively) a breeze. I felt nauseous most of the time for a good month, but never actually "got sick" (I'm using quotes here to prevent being too graphic).

However, regardless of whether there is a baby wedged between my stomach and outer skin, my stomach still does its thing - especially in regards to high speed travel.

Last week I was flying back home after being gone for 10 days and traveling all over the country. As we started getting close to home the turbulence increased and increased and increased. I tried every trick in the book to ease my stomach. Finally we could feel the plane descending, going through storm clouds, and getting close to the tarmac. The plane was shuddering, back and forth and up and down, but I just counted the seconds until when I thought we would hit pavement. I had my eyes closed at the time, but all of the sudden I felt the plane shoot back up into the air - and the gentleman on my right gasped. "What's going on? We were 50 feet from the ground!"

The whole cabin began talking anxiously - until the pilot came on the speaker and explained that the side winds were too powerful and he didn't feel comfortable landing, so he was going up, circling around, and trying again.

At this point I wasn't sure my stomach could handle another several minutes of turbulence so I began "casually" (I'm using quotes here to make the sarcastic point that I wasn't casual at all) leafing through the seat pockets in front of me for that little bag the airlines provide. I saw the men on either side of me looking at me out of the corner of their eyes - so I felt the need to turn their fear into sympathy.

"I'm really sorry, I'm pregnant and I don't feel well and this plane is not helping!"- I blurted out.

Both men said, "OH!", and started looking for bags for me.

I found one and held it on my lap, but the guy to my right wasn't satisfied. He leaned over and anxiously said, "Well - go on and open it!"

I held the open bag while the pilot made a successful second landing. I kept holding it until, 20 minutes later, we were allowed to pull up to the gate. Some how my stomach held everything together and the bag went unused. So I folded it up and replaced it for the next queasy traveler.

And the relieved sighs my seat mates let out weren't lost on me either.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I think I'm officially over the "sick" portion of pregnancy. This has been determined because my appetite went from only wanting mild sushi with ginger (literally i ate that multiple times a week for a month!), to wanting to eat everything I see.

And before we continue let me address those of you are thinking "sushi?! mild?!"

Yes, the sushi I purchase has been from our local grocery store - prepared by a sweet Hispanic woman (Maria even made me custom ordered sushi at 9:30AM because the sushi wasn't on display yet). The sushi I ordered had brown rice, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Some die-hards might even call it "faux-sushi", and I'm ok with that. The best part about it was the strips of ginger that had a magical soothing effect on my topsy-turvy stomach.

But - now, in week 15, I've gone to only wanting "faux-sushi" - to wanting literally everything I see.

At work today I had to search the internet looking for local restaurants that might want to donate gift cards to our annual golf tournament this fall. This task took me three times as long as it should because at every website I got distracted drooling over the photos and menus! Everything from steak, to enchiladas, to whole fish! The more spices and flavors and textures the better!

In the last week alone I've had Thai food, Japanese food, Greek food, and tonight I'm making Italian. Yum! Baby SA is going on its first journey around the world - perhaps he/she wants to be a traveler? Or maybe it's my way of "traveling" as I foresee a time in my life where traveling will be much more limited.

Fortunately, Mr. SA is up for this challenge. He would be content eating Indian food every week - and I think he liked the Falafel with Tzatziki sauce I made on Wednesday?
Either way - I'm happy that I can enjoy food again! If you have any flavor-packed recipes you want to share - I might even try them and post how it went!

Till the next meal,
The Hungry Bird

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our New Resident

While I haven't blogged in awhile, I've also refrained from a number of other things - such as drinking stimulant or depressant beverages, staying awake at work, sleeping through the night without multiple runs to the restroom, and buttoning my pants (not that I've been wearing pants in the Texas summer anyway!).
The reason for all of this can be blamed on this guy:
 Isn't he cute? Oh... it just looks like a blob? What about this one?

At least here you can see the head on the right side, and a leg sticking up on the left - a little less "blobbish" if you ask me.

However, even that picture is several weeks old. I'm now early in my 15th week, and Baby SA is over 4in long, with facial features, finger prints, and ears that are on its head (fortunately they migrated from the neck a couple weeks ago! phew!). Baby SA even wiggles when I poke my stomach, which I got to see again today at my Dr. appointment.
Baby SA's currently lives in here:
And I currently live in here:
For the sake of full disclosure, the "house warming party" we threw ourselves 3 months ago... wasn't really a house warming party at all. It was our way of gathering the in-town family to announce the newest member of the fam that will join us in January.
Since then my dad keeps offering me pickles... and my mom has gotten me hooked on dipping fritos in cottage cheese. I'd say this is a fairly well rounded diet. But just in case the wee one doesn't agree I've tried to throw some salads into the mix as well. 
Mr. SA has been great. He offers to do the dishes, kicks me out of the house when he sprays for bugs, and complements the changing me, even when the changes freak me out.
So welcome into our circle of good news!
Besides being asked when I'm going to blog again (and yes, blogs will continue from here on out), I've also been asked to see some photos of our new abode. Here are some interior pics of the house:
Living Room.
Entry way.

 And kitchen. I just got back in town after being gone for 10 days, so those are the only rooms currently acceptable to show the public. But as we start working on the nursery I'll show you pictures of that too. 

In the meantime, I just bought a jar of pickles... so cliche, I know. But at least I'm not eating them with ice cream... yet! 
The Pampered "momma-to-be" Bird


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