Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House Warming Party

In order to expedite the process of unpacking/hanging/assembling our house, we decided to throw ourselves a house warming party just for the family.

To show our hospitality we even swept up the unwelcomed bugs.

I'd say the party was a quite the success - with champagne and toasts and a real-life-press-a-button-dishwasher to clean everything up at the end!

Part of the party prepping process (say that 10 times fast), included the demolition of the 30,000 tree trunks that Mr. San Antonio hijacked from our neighbors' brush piles last week. He was able to recruit a friend to gather the trunks, but when Mr. SA offered the opportunity of a life time - to use a 150,000 year old two man cross cut saw - the friend turned him down, complaining of gray hair and the lack of wine being offered on the other end of the deal. Some exchange was made about Mr. SA being able to recruit me, his Pampered Bird, to help with the task. Eyes were rolled and laughter ensued.

However, two hours later there I was, outside being pulled and pushed as I held one end of the saw in place, and Mr. SA used all his mighty muscle to tear through the tree trunk. The friend was understandably mortified.

We now have a backyard full of fire wood. Which of course can't be used for another 8 months (since it will be summer here until then). Besides, we have an entire flock of birds that have nested in our chimney... and I don't think they'd appreciate being roasted.

Between now and then I just hope the flowers I planted in the front yard decide to show their pretty faces. So much for the "flowers will bloom in 12 days" advertisement.

And on a totally different note - this morning Mr. San Antonio met me half way between our offices to exchange our lunches because I accidentally grabbed his lunch instead of mine off the counter - and I really wanted my lunch. I think he might love me.

The Pampered Bird

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New homeowner things

Please forgive the lapse in writing - we don't have Internet at the house yet, and have been busy doing the following "new homeowner" things:

1. Using a pair of locking pliers (there is a technical term for these that is escaping me right now), in order to turn the knob on our washer/dryer machine. It's what you have to resort to when the machines you were generously given don't have knobs.

2. Using the same pair of locking pliers to turn the hose on and off (because Ms. Puny Arms turned it a little too hard to the right and the knob snapped off - shows you how durable the knob was in the first place!), in order to water the house warming flowers we were given.

3. Utilizing our brain power in order to retrieve our new keys that we locked in our new house. If you haven't heard about our other lost key story, please do so, it will make you feel less sorry for us.

In this most recent situation, we could see the keys sitting nicely on an entry table about 6 feet inside the front door. Fortunately the front door has a mail slot, and fortunately the people who lived there before us left a wonderful pile of junk in the yard that consisted of (but not limited to) a broken shower rod and about 100 metal hangers (that is not an exaggeration). Mr. San Antonio masterfully created a fishing pole of sorts and was able to loop the keys onto the hanger and pull them through the mail slot. We have now learned to never leave anything of value on that table lest the mail man get greedy.

4. Polling our friends and family on the best way to rid our house of unloved critters. I won't give details, but suffice it so say we are feeling desperate.

5. Last but not least, we have been busy loving our new home! And slowly unpacking boxes, and cooking on a 21st century stove, and not sweating constantly, and not falling down non-up-to-code stairwells.

Thank you again to everyone who helped us move!

Here's to new homes, and new uses for pliers,
The Pampered Bird


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