Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just wanted to write a quick post about the fact that we are officially homeowners!

We did the final walk through on Monday... switched lights on and off, made sure water comes out of the sinks, etc. Everything seemed to be normal except for the full load of dishes in the dishwasher; dirty clothes in the laundry room, bags of hangers in the bedroom, and full bottles of liquor in the freezer, and a True Grit flask resting comfortably on the counter.

Apparently the home-tenders who were supposed to be gone over a week ago, decided that moving their stuff out wasn't a top priority.

After several phone calls around town, we confirmed that they were indeed planning on claiming their things before we took possession of the home on Tuesday evening.

So, last night we went to the title company, signed a bunch of forms, gave them a hefty check, and made another round of phone calls to verify that the home-tenders really did remove their things. We were planning on simply removing their stuff for them and leaving it on the curb or taking it to Goodwill, but were warned that those actions may be illegal.

I thought committing a crime would be the best way to start this new stage of our life...

Instead, we just waited it out at the office until we received verbal confirmation. As soon as that call came in, we stood up, shook hands all around, and invited our realtor to our moving party on Saturday where home smoked brisket will be served (we told him he didn't have to move anything, we just want him to come celebrate with us).

Later, Mr. San Antonio and I took our first load of boxes to the new house. He carried me over the threshold; we broke (accidentally) the cover on the air conditioner panel; and found that the True Grit flask had been left (along with some aroma oils and "back from the dead" pills??).

Of course none of this surprised me. After all, if we're going to leave behind the fire breathing dragon, the Lord had to give me something new to blog about.

Here's to new homes and new adventures,
The Pampered Bird

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Packing Up

Today Mr. San Antonio and I began the packing process. We've got about two more small boxes worth of platters, pitchers, and bar items before we're finished with the living and dining rooms. Not too bad for one afternoon of work.

I had all sorts of good intentions to use the fire breathing dragon as much as possible in these last few weeks in the apartment... but what with being on a liquid/soft food only diet, and with the temperature rising, it just hasn't been used much. My blender on the other hand...

Did you know that if you throw a couple heaping handfuls of spinach leaves into a peanut butter/milk/banana shake - you don't even taste it! And as an added bonus it turns your drink green!

(Yes, I am taking extra vitamins to fill my nutrition gaps.)

And no, I did not choose to put myself on the meal-plan. It's doctors orders, in order to protect my gum graft (which so far is healing well). He also ordered no straws, no meat, no carbonation, no biting into anything, and no kissing. I realize the last one is not food related, but it has been the most difficult out of the list - so I decided to add it to gain your sympathy. Thank you for sympathizing.

Next weekend I'm going to ask my parents to not serve me Easter lunch, but to let me share my nephew's food. He's almost one, so we're on a similar soft-food meal plan. But I can walk on my own, so at least I've got that on him.

Alright, Mr. San Antonio just returned from a run. Although I can't congratulate him with a kiss, at least I don't have to put his steak through the blender.

This week - please be thankful for your normal eating abilities!
The Pampered Bird

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Refrigerator shopping

Is your refrigerator running?

Well, you better go catch it!

Here is a brief update on the house...

Last week the inspections all came in, and the sellers agreed to help us with some of the costs to bring the electrical wiring up to code. Everything is moving smoothly toward our closing date at the end of this month!

We just got word that the refrigerator will not be staying - so now we're gearing up for shopping mode. Do you have a brand you recommend (or don't recommend)? Do you have access to recent consumers' reports info that you want to pass along? We are taking input and would appreciate any advice or suggestions you want to send our way!

The space is just big enough for a normal size refrigerator, and we're leaning away from one with an ice maker - since everyone we know with an ice maker complains about it leaking and breaking on a regular basis (and our kitchen will be all hard wood floors).

I realize this is not the most exciting update ever... but to keep you interested in returning to this little site, I will be spending the next few weeks counting down to saying goodbye to the fire breathing dragon. You won't want to miss the fun!

Here's hoping your refrigerator doesn't get too far down the street....
The Pampered Bird


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